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Entrepreneur since childhood with over a decade of experience in setting up and managing businesses, social and entertainment initiatives. Founder and CEO of a digital agency in Tel Aviv with prominent clients like PayPal, Samsung, FTV, Israeli Prime Minister's office, Tel Aviv municipality, Babylon, Publicis, etc. Took an active part in founding StarTau (Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Center). Currently working on a social network for tenants and landlords.

My blog posts

The Age of Napoleons: Conquerers in Tech

It's no secret that our time in history is unique.

How to Reach 1st Place on Google Play, No Experience Necessary [Case Study]

A few weeks ago I listened to Debbie Cohen-Abravanel's speech at the Apps World event, invited by Perion in London. She spoke about their product, Growmobile, and its success on the Google Apps Store. Here are the tactics she used to climb the rankings and hit huge download numbers - without any prior experience.

5 Product-Market Pipeline Mistakes that Destroy Startups - And their Solutions

There is endless number of things that could go wrong in the beginning of a new venture. However, a few mistakes appear more frequently than others. These 5 landmines are the most common mistakes which can kill a fledgling business.