Fabien Edjou

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About Me

Fabien came to the entrepreneurship world with impressive leadership experience from the Military where he served as the Senior Human Resources Officer at a Brigade level. He's a Radio Talk Show host, Founder, Co-Founder, Inventor, Board Member, and a proud father of two(2) beautiful daughters. His passion for entrepreneurship and human happiness explains his active involvement in the community. RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: www.revelationsandwonders.com Fabien is the current host of "Revelations & Wonders, Secrets to Life and Happiness" Talk Show. His message is simple: Happiness flows from within and it is accessible to everyone regardless of their social circumstances. The show airs every Monday at 10:00 AM CST (11:00 AM EST; 8:00 AM PST) on http://bit.ly/rvltswndrs, Empowerment Channel Founder & Inventor: www.leanvo.com Fabien is the inventor of the Lean Vertical Organizer and Founder of LeanVO, LLC. The Lean Vertical Organizer (LeanVO) is the most efficient home organization solution that combines style, ease of access and ease of use. Co-Founder & Advisor: www.diaspocare.com Fabien Co-Founded DiaspoCare, Inc. The global diaspora community struggles to care for family and friends back in their country of origin. DiaspoCare's mission is to bring the capacity to individuals who are away to take care of their loved ones’ needs for medicine and healthcare from anywhere in the world. Fabien Co-Founded LeanServ, LLC, a business consulting service provider where he served as CEO from November 2016 - May 2016. He left LeanServ to further develop LeanVO. Community Involvement: Startup Grind, Director, Milwaukee Chapter Meetups Groups: Lean Entrepreneurs Community. Million MillionairesChange Agents, and Revelations and wonders www.whyincityMKE.com