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About Me

Megan J. Norton is the founder and Principal Consultant at M. J. Norton Consulting and the Owner/Operator of Create Carts, LLC., And now! The Founder of Pulse Check My People and its sibling Pulse Check My Project. We are the fixer-upper for rebranding & creating a web presence. We repurpose the term human resources. The business is expanding and looking for short-term, scaled investments in your small business through monetary or management means. Find your purpose, order, and growth strategies with M. J. Norton Consulting, LLC. For 30 years, she's been the grow-to, go-to putting your business in touch with its purpose, order, growth, and support in launching new eCommerce sites, extending lifelong learning, and providing leadership, management, SAFe Agile practices, and investment. She serves on numerous boards that strive to educate and prosper others through lifelong learning and whose mission is to grow communities by growing businesses. Our focus areas are in... > Defining, developing, and designing new business concepts > Competitive research and cost analysis > Connecting companies to each other for new and existing business ventures > Agile SAFe Coaching > Setting up new delivery teams to continuously deliver new programs and projects We love giving back in these areas... > Mentoring new business analysts, project management, and web delivery teams > Inspiration & motivational planning for year forward goals > Hustling - We get it done and get you in contact with people