David Kenney

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About Me

Personal: I’m married, with three beautiful daughters. We live on a beach next to Manly, Sydney Australia. Professionally I have become obsessed with helping founders with: 1. Business modeling and developing their financial acumen. 2. Creating partnerships for enterprise sales. 3. Pricing strategies. 4. Fostering and sharing my connections to industry, influencers, and other markets. 5. International taxes for companies and founders. 6. Guiding the relationship and teaching how to correctly phrase company reporting to stakeholders - including VC’s. 7. Pitch coaching (to win) competitions and raise capital for founders. My clients and friends, are not limited to but include a dozen of Australia’s best entrepreneurs. While advising them, I have learned a hell of a lot from them too -- a thank you to these people. Loving my new projects, writing on Medium.com, with the stretch goal to write a book someday. For the last seven years I’ve mentored at Startmate and more recently a also mentor at Tech Ready Women, Elevacao and Incubate. I host or speak at one start-up event per week. I have become dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs dominate, and have invested invested in 15 start-ups. I am honored to be be able to be a part of Startup Grind.