Tracy Yekaghe

  • Just Relax Reusable Pads, Team Lead
entrepreneurial ecosystems

About Me

Tracy Yekaghe is the Team Lead at Just Relax Reusable Pads, a start-up and movement already enabling more women and girls take their menstrual care seriously in the most sustainable way. She is also a Business Strategist, Trainer and Prolific Writer with a proven record of providing content writing services to organizations that have helped position them for global opportunities and relevant partnerships. Her work history cuts across health, fashion, agriculture, network marketing including content design and development. She has volunteered and still collaborates with several NGO's directed at peer education, youth empowerment including projects that promote entrepreneurship. She is a sound public speaker with the view that even her voice is a generational asset with the capacity to effect positive transformation in the lives of those that hear her.