Marie Ammann

sustainability · social innovation · Food Innovation · team effectiveness · Entrepreneurial spirit · food and beverage · entrepreneurship education · change management

About Me

Marie Ammann holds an international double Master’s degree in Germany and the Netherlands with the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University Bonn and Wageningen University and Research. Her degrees focus on the intersection of agriculture, Food Economics, Management, and Consumer Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Ms. Ammann has extensive work experience within organic food products industry as well as in marketing and advertising at VollCorner Biomarkt GmbH, Munich. She previously served in Sales and Operations at Emils Organic Manufacturing company in Freiburg, and Bella and Bona, a Food B2B Startup in Munich, Germany. Ms. Ammann has international experience as well as she represented her Bachelor’s university at the 16th International Student Summit in Tokyo, Japan which focused on environmental justice in the globalization of intensive agriculture. She supported the Foundation for German-Thai Students Network (NIAP) and facilitated activities at the NIAP Program in Khon Kaen, Thailand which focused on networking for increasing agricultural productivity and Food Chain Effectiveness. Ms. Amman holds a BSc in Food Management from the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and a Certification in Social Entrepreneurship at Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) in Munich, Germany.