Sriram Sekhar

About Me

He found his entrepreneurial calling early in life, and after working with top global and Indian consulting companies & finance houses for several years, he left the beaten path to start his own venture  - Smart Advisors, an advisory firm focused on helping startups scale and raise capital. He is a CFA charter holder with nearly a decade of experience in the financial markets. He brings to the table a global perspective on finance and the equity markets, along with his knowledge of diverse industries.

My blog posts

Silicon Beaches, Mountains, and Forests? Challenges in Building the Next Silicon Valley

From being one of the most feared words tied to risk and economic bubbles, today's startups are more buzzword-rich and exciting than ever - not far from being the next rock stars. It used to be that if one wanted to be an entrepreneur or work in a startup, the entire society (starting from one’s parents onwards) looked disapprovingly. Thankfully, this is no longer the case - mainly thanks to Silicon Valley, which true to its reputation has been encouraging innovation and has spawned one of the largest startup cultures in the world.

Being an entrepreneur

We had the privilege of chatting with Arun Kumar, the founder of Casa Grande (one of Chennai's largest builders). Despite being a builder, he is actually a techie and a serial entrepreneur! His passion is for tech, and he has turned angel investor for several tech startups.

Getting out of trouble

We had the pleasure of chatting with R. Narayanan (a.k.a. Naru) on 25th Oct. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, and started one of India's first bubble gum companies among other ventures. It was a fantastic chat, with Naru have "answers to everything" in his own words.