Dr. Lascelle A. Sweetland

About Me

Managing Director and founder of Laspainc. Position researches, markets, recruits, plans, and manages development of new and expanding small businesses; creates and implements research strategies to support small business economic development efforts, including compiling and analyzing data; supports small business efforts by providing research, data, and marketing the Community Development efforts; develops and implements marketing strategies and establishes relationships with the small business/development community; assists in negotiating agreements and educates the community and stakeholders about new companies; and represents the CDA’s in target related industry meetings, trade shows, and presentation. Founder of The i-LAB Startup Foundation which provides support in the areas of academic outreach, venture capital engagement, workforce development, connecting business and government, and cross border collaboration focused on improving consumer experience through disruptive innovation. A program to incubate the creation of more than 100 startups a year.