Clinton Senkow

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Founder of SocialBare which is a digital marketing and design agency that teaches and delivers marketing strategies for businesses around the world. He also recently founded Connected Getaways which leads luxury wellness retreats around the world for like-minded people. He’s a published writer for YEG Fitness Magazine, Director of Partnerships for the Next Gen Summit, Advisor at HatchPad, and also a G20 YEA Delegate for Canada

My blog posts

Accelerating Canada: 5 Top Startups from AccelerateAB

I'm sure you've been to a few conferences, heard great talks, and met some amazing people - but my favorite part of any conference is listening to the startups and ideas that entrepreneurs are building. Alberta is home to some wicked talent and savvy entrepreneurs, but they usually get overlooked in the global marketplace. AccelerateAB showed us 5 great companies being built in Canada, all poised to compete around the world. Here's my takeaway on a few of the startups I believe can really become legitimate international companies.

5 High School Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2016

With technology consumption starting with babies using tablets and rampant smartphone use by teenagers, technical entrepreneurship has spread like wildfire. Both scary and inspiring to consider, our future purchasing, socialization, and entertainment behaviors are in their hands - so let's meet some of the young people shaping this new normal.

5 Holiday Vacations & Getaways for Entrepreneurs

Being a startup founder or entrepreneur, you realize that getting out of your comfort zone is essential to your personal growth. That can also contribute to the success of your company. Sitting in your basement or kitchen can get old. Stepping outside and talking to people can bring you new ideas that you didn’t have before. How about travelling somewhere with other entrepreneurs where you can work and relax whenever you want?