Meghan Bridges

  • Rainmaking Innovation Japan, Marketing Director
  • Osaka
  • Innovation

About Me

Meghan Bridges has always worked with the goal to approach creative ideas and solutions, tackling new ways within marketing and innovation. Building up a solid foundation within the gaming industry at Active Gaming Media, Meghan worked largely with small indie game companies or start-up game companies, allowing them to break out into the market and reach a global audience. Embracing this experience, she is now taking a step forward to help start up companies from around the world to break into the Japanese market and navigate the unique work culture. In her current role as Marketing Director of Rainmaking Innovation Japan, Meghan has lead a forward thinking and customised approach to promote and support the activities of startups, innovative corporations and more. Currently, she is working on the Proof of Concept program for seven large Japanese corporations including Japan's largest bank, the world's 3rd largest advertising firm, Japan's largest newspaper publisher and two of Japan's largest real estate and transport conglomerates.