Aliki Kostopoulou

Architecture · Entrepreneurial Mindset · mindfulness

About Me

Expat by choice and traveller by curiosity I have always been observing the cultural differences and studying the human behaviour across countries I have lived. Since a very young age I was curious to understand what happens in our brains but it was only after a burn out in 2016 while working for the Olympic Games in Brazil that finding a different way of life was not a luxury anymore but an emerging need! I was deeply unhappy and even the smaller challenges seemed overwhelming, stress was my breakfast and self-doubt my best friend. Deciding that I will not settle for such a future I started seeking for answers beyond the traditional education. It was then that the path to Vipassana Meditation and Reiki opened for me, to never close again... Short after completing the first degrees of Vipassana and Reiki, I found myself absolutely passionate about the function of the human mind and the innumerous ways we can expand our potential if we know how to use this tool called “mind”. While constantly refining my personal practice, I immediately indulged into a number of different practices like mindfulness, NLP, Energy medicine, neuroplasticity, Energy alignment etc. Currently I am teaching mindfulness around the globe at online and one-to-one private sessions, design architectural applications of mindfulness in hospitality spaces in Costa Rica, guide mindfulness sessions for startups in Zurich and dreaming of a world where training our minds is equally important that training our bodies!