Prashant Sharma

  • Springboard, Communications and Strategy Lead- India
  • Bangalore
  • E-Learning

About Me

I work at the intersection of product, people, and marketing. Giving back selflessly and helping entrepreneurs thrive gives me immense joy and eternal peace. I had the opportunity to do the same for three years in the past by being involved at Headstart Network Foundation. After going through the entrepreneurial journey of trying to build two ventures, I now have a deeper understanding of the needs, gaps, and opportunities that would make entrepreneurs not survive but thrive. I am at StartupGrind to do just that i.e anything and everything to make you win! I lead Communications and Strategy for Springboard(not91Springboard) in India as a day job, dabble with a few side/weekend projects(reach-out if you want to know more) and experiment with whacky ideas(google: Niti and Prashant wedding). When I am not doing any of these, you will find me playing with my lovely Golden Retriever, Jerry.