Franco Bondi

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About Me

I'm graduated in Economics and Commerce. In 1996, after spending a few years in the testing ground of sport marketing, and collecting a number of experiences as a spin doctor in political communication, I founded with other 3 partners my first startup - Quadrante - one of the first Italian digital agencies, where I held the role of Chairman and CEO until March 2014. In the last 15 years I founded several companies in the field of digital communication and mobile applications, among them, Web Marketing Tools, Jakala, Kangaroo, and +Plugg: I like to define myself as a serial start-upper, I'm currently a Board Member of Jakala Group in Italy, Managing Director and Founder of Eventboost with branches in Italy, Switzerland, and NYC, and co-director of Startup Grind Bologna. I'm an angel investor in several startups where I use to provide my experience as an advisor. My fields and passion are on Saas Business, eCommerce, Mobile, Software. From 1995 until now I have been teaching in several private and public companies 'The impact of new technologies on Company Organization'. My feeling for technology and my breadth of vision make up the rest of my life. What can I add to my profile? Who know me say that I have a rip-roaring spirit and out of my work I busy myself with my three sons and my motorbike.