Nancy Lee

About Me

Euler With Me is a smart products developer with the agile manufacturing as a basis. Currently we have developed a smart mirror (prototype stage) based on voice recognition technology. Euler With Me is a project incubated within FlexLab, INC., in which I have worked three years as business development and CEO assistant. Angelo and I founded Euler at the end of 2016 and have put our efforts into the project together with the team. We believe voice interaction will be a future trend for smart hardware. As for myself, my experiences in startups have become an impressive and unforgettable part of my life. There are ups and downs along the away, but I feel happy to confront challenges and to work things out together with partners & teammates. We are bond together by the same vision we crave for. I hope to meet more talented and interesting people by holding Startup Grind here in Guiyang, whose local community will sure to enhance mutual productivity and personal growth.