Joshua Flannery


About Me

Joshua has just under 20 years of global business experience including being selected as Director of the largest startup hub in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney Startup Hub launching programs for it’s 480 startup residents in Sydney, as the initiator of one of Australia’s first university based startup programs, supporting over 700 startups since driving it’s launch at the University of New South Wales in 2012 and earlier as an entrepreneur and Managing Director of StudyLink株式会社, conceiving and launching a publication in Japan with a circulation of 480,000. Later he founded the Innovation Dojo, a company specifically connecting Japan and Australia by innovation, serving clients including Hitachi, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kyushu University. Born and raised in Sydney and currently based in Osaka, Joshua has strong experience with designing and executing programs that connect startups and scaleups to international markets, including the US, China and Japan. In his current role as Managing Director of Rainmaking Innovation Japan, Joshua has designed and led a team in executing a customised Proof of Concept program for seven large Japanese corporations including Japan's largest bank, the world's 3rd largest advertising firm, Japan's largest newspaper publisher and two of Japan's largest real estate and transport conglomerates. Joshua has been invited as a public speaker on topics related to innovation ecosystems, cross-border entrepreneurship,and startups in Japan and Australia by organisations including Kansai Economic Federation, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, Senshu Ikeda Corporate Venture Capital network, the NSW government, Kyushu University and was nominated as "Community Most Valuable Player of the Year" at the 3rd Annual Australiasian Awards in 2018. Joshua has an MBA (Technology) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and was trained directly by "the godfather of lean startup methodology" Steve Blank at UC Berkeley.