Fabrizio Mancuso

  • Sopra Steria Group, Senior Consultant
  • Milano
  • Management Consulting

About Me

I’m a Senior Consultant based in Milan (Italy) and the Director of Startup Grind x Salerno! What I'm doing now. I'm currently: - consulting Medium Enterprises & Big Corporations on digital transformation, Open Innovation and Business Planning, - organizing every year a TEDx event in my city of birth: Salerno! (www.tedxsalerno.com) - writing for some web magazines as Smartweek and EconomyUP. What I was doing. I was: - working in financial sector as consultant, - the co-founder of "Clean Clever", a startup that developed a houshold appliance capable of transforming exhausted oil into soap, - tutoring startups and University spin offs, - editor of "Startaward", the first innovation and startup blog written by students.