David Scanlon

About Me

I make ventures happen with NDRC, and educate, inspire, and connect the Dublin ecosystem with Startup Grind. As an NDRC Venture Investment Lead I source, engage, guide and enable teams to transform the best ideas into globally scalable businesses. An experienced executive, with a career spanning software engineering, public sector trade development, private sector business development - all built on a vocation as an evangelist for the Irish startup community. I am a talented communicator and connector, with a unique understanding of the Irish and European startup ecosystems.

My blog posts

How to Know When to Compete & When to Acquire, from Havok Founder Steve Collins

It's said that you should never meet your heroes, as they will inevitably disappoint you. At the most recent Startup Grind Dublin, this axiom was thankfully refuted. My guest was Steve Collins, and I was starstruck: back in the late 90s, Steve had co-founded Havok, the physics engine that powered major video game titles such as Halo, Final Fantasy, and Assassin's Creed, and the company went on to be acquired by Intel for north of $100m. At the time, I was studying undergraduate computer science in Dublin, and have strong memories of Havok being presented as the poster-child of the Irish tech startup scene. It was fascinating to revisit the story with Steve, and get a first-hand account of his experiences.

Meeting the Family: This is the Director's Retreat at Startup Grind

It’s February, and for me that means it’s Silicon Valley time. For three of the past four years, I’ve jetted from Dublin to San Francisco to be part of something special, something that has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional worldview — the Startup Grind Directors’ Retreat and Global Conference.

The Magic Business of Game Design with Richard Barnwell of DIGIT Game Studios (VIDEO)

"People have this perception that [building] games is like weird magic - it's not, it's like most other businesses... the only difference is that the products we create, our people have a massive passion for" — Richard Barnwell