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About Me

Francis Wepngong Ndi was born in Mbot - Nkambe Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon on the 15th January 1968 in a modest family of eight children. He started education in the pioneer Catholic Primary School of the village. On completion of his primary education in 1980, he began secondary education at Government High School Nkambe. In 1986 he obtained a General Certificate of Education “Ordinary” Level and in 1989 he obtained a General Certificate of Education “Advanced” Level. He enrolled in at the University of Yaounde from where he graduated with a BA in English Language and French in 1993. After the BA he followed a training in Marketing Consultancy at Ganbert Systems International. After some work as a marketing consultant, he was recruited as a central cashier for the whole-sale section of RAYCO, Yaounde in 1996. He decided to continue with graduate studies at University of Yaounde I in 1998. After obtaining a pre-Masters certificate (Maitrise) in Sociolinguistics, by the year 2000, he started an African Language research Masters in the same University in the year 2001. By the year 2002, he combined his research work with a volunteer service to develop his mother-tongue (Limbum) Dictionary at Summer Institute of Linguistics. In June 2004 he obtained a Masters at the University of Yaounde I. In 2006 he opted for an International research program at Leiden University, the Netherlands where he graduated with an MPhil in Linguistics (Structure and Variation in the Languages of the World) in August 2008. After Leiden, he has been offering volunteer and language services to non-profits and some corporate organizations. He has as well as been acting as a linguistic and rural development consultant for Benin.