Cheryl Mack

  •, Business Development Manager
  • Sydney
  • Information Technology and Services

About Me

Cheryl Mack has been living the startup life since starting her first company in 2008. She is an active member of the startup community, having worked with several startups, accelerators and investors. She is dedicated to building a thriving startup ecosystem and growing access to funding, developers, and other resources. Canadian/Australian, technology geek, and travel enthusiast.

My blog posts

Millennial? Change Your Terrible Financial Habits

When we talk about starting a business, or even launching into the planning and brainstorming of ideas that goes into starting one, we typically always have the discussion about how we are going to pay for the thing.  Sometimes, we have an idea and the financial means that we can bootstrap it. Other times, we end up doing what feels like begging to an angel investor for large amounts of cash, and selling part of our idea off to get it that investment. When we are looking to be an entrepreneur, we need to realize that a big part of this game is to be on point personally, money-wise, before being able to succeed well in a business.

Largest Vancouver Startup Holiday Party

Startup Grind is joining forces with Vancouver Pixel Crafters to host Vancouver's biggest Startup holiday party for entrepreneurs and small business owners! Startup folks, freelancers and self-employed professionals are all welcome! Join us at The Cranium co-working space in Mount Pleasant as we celebrate the holidays together!