Legobole Mapheto

  • Lucrative Ventures Group, Managing Director, CFO

About Me

A Startupgrind Chapter Director for Burgersfort - South Africa, Keynote Speaker and the Founder of Lucrative Ventures group; a consultancy boutique specializing in enterprise and supplier development facilitation for Startups' integration into big corporates' supply chain, corporate governance and skills training, as well as corporates' business model innovation through digital transformation (Robotic Process Automation, etc). Passionate about promoting socio-economic transformation interventions that advance the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged, particularly women and youth through entrepreneurship and skills development. Thus looking forward to engaging, connecting with Founders, Investors, aspirant entrepreneurs, government agencies and the business community at large, to form a community that support Startups and fuel the culture of entrepreneurship on this Startup Grind platform.