Daniel Holley

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About Me

I want to see individuals, characters, imagination, when people speak publicly. This means moving away from hard skills, such as restrictive timing, gesticulation and script, and moving towards intuition, introspection and independence in the creation of people's talks. 15 years in the Hospitality industry has been both a huge pain in the a$$, but one of the most liberating and empowering experiences I have gone through. Within the space of a year, I went from minimum wage to presenting on transatlantic cruises, MCing at TEDx events and being lauded by successful coaches, entrepreneurs and billion dollar businessmen. Seems a stretch, yes, and it's true. Recognising the lack of space for a Speaker such as myself (and potential millions of others) in the Professional Speaking world, I wanted to start assisting and facilitating the natural development of people's speaking game and create a new space in the public speaking world.