Karen Plumbe

events · communication · community building

About Me

I am fascinated by so much in this world and this life that I was fearful of missing out on. I love LEARNING especially in the areas of cooking, nutrition, relationships, community and mental health. I really enjoy then turning this into courses and learning experiences for others. I love being in NATURE, walking, camping, swimming especially with my family. I am CREATIVE, I love to sew, dance and create new and interesting things. I have a special place in my heart for beautiful fabrics I am PASSIONATE about supporting others to be the best version of themselves. To create sustainable change, to fill their cup, to experience life to the fullest. To reduce stress, disconnection and dis-ease in life and body. I believe in truth, honesty and empowering others. In taking care of our environment, living sustainably, stretching comfort zones, cultivation of strengths, and the power of change and possibilities. I admire and respect people, who stand up for what they believe in, grow and thrive despite adversity, who live their passions, who are willing to grow and learn and change.