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About Me

Olga V. Mack (@OlgaVMack) is a startup lawyer, HR, and operations professional who enjoys advising her clients to success and growth. Currently General Counsel at ClearSlide, a San Francisco-based startup, she previously worked at Zoosk, Visa, Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Yahoo!. Olga also advises Time Joy and ChannelMeter, which are early stage startups and advocates for the inclusion of women in the leadership.

My blog posts

Positions Beyond the Pay: Meaningful Recruiting on a Startup Budget

The fight for talent, both technical and non-technical, can be fierce – especially when you are running a startup or small business. You may not always be in a position to pay top dollars to attract the top talent. In fact, you may not always offer full time employment, or even competitive pay.

3D Printing: The Shifting Legal Landscape

The entrepreneurs in the 3D printing industry will likely co-create a new regulatory regime as they try to build new profitable business models. We will find that the regulations that will accompany this space will most certainly affect the financial, legal and regulatory 3D printing landscape. 

The Next Frontier: A Forecast of The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Merely twenty years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was the plot line in movies, books, and short stories. While it loomed on the horizon, it is only now getting the attention of world and business leaders. A few days into 2016, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced that he plans to spend 2016 developing an AI system to help run his life.