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Kimberly Patrick has served as an advisor to some of the brightest CEO’s, President’s, and Leaders. Kim is a Certified Business Coach and a driven entrepreneur. She became passionate about working with business owners as a child, while growing up in a family business. Kim has previously founded multiple companies in real estate development, recruiting, and fitness. Along with being the Chapter Director for StartupGrind Austin, Kim is deeply involved in the local startup community where she spends her time helping companies select and hire the right talent. Kim’s passion is connecting people and helping startups grow their organizations.

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5 Tips To Hire On A Tight Budget

Hire an intern:Whether it’s an intern to help you source resumes or develop some technology, hiring an intern can save you big. Interns have the latest education and knowledge of current trends and technology. They are often willing to trade time for experience and pay, which startups can afford. An intern could be an excellent asset to your company, and the right one just may stick with you for the long term.Outsource or consider remote workers:Websites like allow you to outsource specific projects. Hiring remote workers can save you several thousand dollars per year. Studies show that remote workers are healthier, happier, more productive, and more loyal.Leverage your network:It's worth it to upgrade your LinkedIn account to take advantage of all the features the site has to offer. Then, craft a detailed message and send it out to your network asking for referrals.  Use an intern to help with creating targeted searches with specific keywords. The more people you reach out to, the higher your odds are of filling the position.Let technology work for you:Use websites like Angel List-, which includes a free job matching service, to your advantage. Give significant information on your startup to help attract the best talent. Post your open requisition and watch the candidates come rolling in. Websites like White Truffle- use technology to help match your job to the best candidates.Hire a contract/in-house recruiterDevelop a relationship with an expert recruiter and make them your in-house resource. There are many recruiters who would be willing to help you on a part time or contract basis.  Negotiate a project or hourly rate or a combination of an hourly rate with some equity.