Karanveer Dhillon

About Me

Traveling the world, changing hearts and minds through love and compassion. -------------------------------- Chief of operations and leader of the international team at Paladin Partners. My first venture was in France and my professional experience spans 19+ countries. As an Indian-born American, I have working knowledge of both Punjabi and Hindi. From wealth management at a $2.5 billion fund in Geneva to managing marketing at start-up ecosystems worldwide, my professional perspective and network are inherently multi-sector. -------------------------------- Also CEO of a social media application based around mapping and GPS, with the goal of facilitating travel and allowing people to discover the world in a novel way, to cut across regional and cultural boundaries and decrease the amount of fear and intolerance in the world. We have been working towards this since December 2017 and will be launching by the end of 2018. -------------------------------- I like to dream with my eyes open.