Yousef El Hallaq

  • for Entrepreneurship in Palestine, Co-founder and CEO
  • Gaza
  • Online Media

About Me

I have more than 6 years of experience in Management, Entrepreneurship and Software Development. I am very interested in entrepreneurship activities. I operated my own company for around one and half years. I participated in planning and managing “Mobaderoon/Entrepreneurs” project which is one of the main incubators in Gaza. I supervised and mentored tens of startups in the last three years. I produced and presented more than 30 issues in the first specialized radio program about entrepreneurship in Gaza which is “Bedaya/Start” program. I always work on developing my knowledge and skills in building startups and managing the incubators. I believe that the most important activity to build a good ecosystem for startups and SMEs in Palestine is to motivate, inspire and raise awareness about how to build a startup for youth in all specialists and levels of education.