Rachel Sherwin

  • Siren Associates, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Amman
  • Non-Profit Organization Management
academic translation · Accessibility · human-centered design · Social Enterprise · Accountability · social entrepreneurship · Evaluation

About Me

My role is to work with project teams to articulate what success looks like, work with them to define milestones, and set up processes to measure whether targets are being met. Throughout, I lead action research into the dynamics that can promote or hinder project success. This is done by including diverse voices throughout the project cycle, and installing a learning culture within organisations. Originally from the UK, I have spent that last 13 years primarily in the Middle East where I continue to be based. I have worked with non-profit organisations, governments and local businesses. There is nothing I love more than ‘getting my geek on’, monitoring and evaluating projects and working with teams to use evidence in decision making. This I can do in three languages: English, French and Arabic. The geek in me is tempered by also being a huge foodie, with a semi-permanent coffee buzz that pretty much lingers throughout the day.