Steve Blank

About Me

I'm a serial entrepreneur, academic, and author. I wrote Four Steps to the Epiphany and The Startup Owner's Manual to share my learnings from starting or growing 8 technology companies, including dotcom era success E.piphany. These books launched the Lean Startup movement and have become my teaching materials at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, NYU, and UCSF. I work with and write for entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, institutions, and governments on the behalf of founders leading the technical revolution.

My blog posts

You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event: What's Next?

There are many reasons to found a startup.There are many reasons to work at a startup.But there’s only one reason your company got funded. Liquidity.

Why Corporate Entrepreneurs are the Rebel Alliance

I’ve spent this year working with corporations and government agencies that are adopting and adapting Lean Methodologies. The biggest surprise for me was getting schooled on how extremely difficult it is to be an innovator inside a company of executors.

Blank’s Rule: Craziness Leads to Innovation

In a rapidly changing world those who copy the past have doomed their future.