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We're excited to represent the University of Reading in the Startup Grind global entrepreneurial community. Reading is part of the wider Thames Valley region, which has such a historic entrepreneurial and business ecosystem, being home to many corporations European HQs including Microsoft, Oracle, Pespico and Bayer to mention a few. In recent years, we have started to see the growth of the startup and scale-up ecosystem, with many of the regions clusters ranking highly in reports including the annual Tech Nation Report and DEMOS/PwC Good Growth for Cities Index. Startup Grind University of Reading is committed to building a thriving ecosystem on campus and connecting our students both locally and globally. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events throughout at the year.

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Feb. 16, 2019

Programming Marathon - R. U. Hacking? 2019


Reading University Hacking and Henley Business School proudly present its second annual 24-hour Student Hackathon at the University of Reading, welcoming students from all over Thames Valley, and the rest of the UK and EU. Join us for a day full of learning, building & sharing.

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Andrejus Kostarevas

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