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A Cutting-edge update on GPT-3 and Anti-Aging

Lou Shaoshan — Share My 17-Year Internet Life

28 May | Data, Design and Insights--Data Visualization Results Sharing

Dare to Collaborate: Expediting Performance Materials Growth with Fusion Innovation

Startup Grind Shenzhen X AWS - AI/ML Series - AI Status, Participants, and Trends

How Mentorship Can Help Startups Power Through COVID-19 Recovery (AWS)


Webinar - Reinventing Healthcare through AI (Presented by AWS)

We are hosting Antoine S. Bunel (Top 100 China KOL Creative Chef (Fusion Food) TV Host)

DataWIN2019 X SG Recap Party Event

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#08

瓯睿工作坊 (OWorkshop)#02

瓯睿公开课 (OClass)#01

瓯睿工作坊 (OWorkshop)#01

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#07

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#06

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#05

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#04

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#02

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#03

瓯睿对谈 (OTalk)#01


  • Kaomeng Ni

    Kaomeng Ni

    Wenzhou Decision Advisory Office


  • Jing Huang

    Jing Huang

    Wenzhou Policy-Making Consultant Office


  • Zhennan Niu

    Zhennan Niu


  • BIQI Maggie ZHOU

    BIQI Maggie ZHOU

    Wenzhou Kean Univeristy


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  • Sifeng Zhu

    Sifeng Zhu

    Wenzhou Popper Research Institute


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  • Xu Qitao

    Xu Qitao

    Team Member

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  • ziran hu

    ziran hu


    Team Member

  • Wanjie Lin

    Wanjie Lin

    Team Member

  • Weidan Chen

    Weidan Chen

    Wenzhou airport immigration inspection station

    Team Member

  • Zhi Ying

    Zhi Ying

    Team Member

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  • Jinpeng Zhong

    Jinpeng Zhong

    The government of Wenzhou

    Team Member

  • Yue Chen

    Yue Chen

    Team Member

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  • Yuzhou Jiang

    Yuzhou Jiang

    Team Member

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  • Sai Jiang

    Sai Jiang

    Wenzhou business college

    Team Member

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  • Wang Ziyue

    Wang Ziyue

    Team Member

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  • Zijin Huang

    Zijin Huang

    Wenzhou-Kean University Student Ambassadors

    Chief Media Officer

  • Xingyu Chen

    Xingyu Chen

    Team Member

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  • Yang Jiying

    Yang Jiying

    Wenzhou Kean University Student Ambassadors

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  • Minglun Zhou

    Minglun Zhou


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