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Five years ago Startup Grind began one evening with nine people as a simple way to pull friends together to help and learn from each other. Three years ago with 5-chapters three of us started devoting full-time effort to growing it and expanding it around the world. 


The Special Forces Survival Guide to Founding a Startup

The Special Air Service (SAS) is an elite unit of the British Army trained to carry out the most extreme of operations in all parts of the world. As Johnny ‘Lofty’ Wiseman writes in his book SAS Survival Guide, SAS forces are:

“Often isolated and far from conventional forces. Working in small groups, often in enemy territory, SAS soldiers have to become their own doctor, dentist, navigator and cook. Frequently, the operational situation makes resupply impossible and they have to live off the land. They have to handle every kind of situation and problem, whether man-made or an act of nature, and get back to safety, and must develop skills which enable them to survive anywhere.”

Choosing to found a startup will have you facing the business equivalent of what SAS forces engage in. As a founder, you will operate in new fields where conventional knowledge may not apply, while working in a small group going against large companies who will tear you apart if given the chance. You’ll also have to wear many hats, being able to become a designer, engineer, accountant, customer service rep., and sales leader. Founders have to be prepared to handle every kind of situation and problem, whether being a day away from not being able to make payroll or having an intern accidentally delete your entire database, all while keeping their company alive and growing their customer base.


4 Tips on Networking Like A Champ

The word networking strikes fear in some while others embrace the concept. The reality is that it can be fun and rewarding. Entrepreneurs must develop this skill because networking successfully will make or break a business. To get you started, here are four tips to help you maximize your results.


Greek Entrepreneurs Unite to Help Startups During the Economic Meltdown

What's going on in Greece?

This is a really bad day for Greece. After the surprise decision on Monday by PM Alexis Tsipras to call a snap referendum within a week, people run to the ATM's to withdraw their savings. That resulted to Capital Controls, the first time such a thing has happened in the Eurozone. It's also the first time a developed country has not paid IMF, and Greece today joined the club of three other countries,


The 10 Commandments for Pitching to Angel Investors

After watching several episodes of Shark Tank in the US, (Dragon’s Den if you live in the UK) you might think you know what it takes to pitch to business angels. You’d be wrong. While some of the lessons you might gather from the show can be useful, you have to keep in mind that these shows tend to be overdramatized. In the real world, business angels are wholly different than what you see on screen. To get ready to hit the real world fundraising circuit, here are the 10 commandments of pitching to business angels. Keep these in mind while you are crafting your pitch -- but break them at your own (funding round) peril.


Beth Comstock: Diversity Equals Innovation

Eighty years. That’s how long the World Economic Forum estimates it will take to reach gender parity in the workplace. Though women are starting companies at 1.5 times the national average, they are still being poorly represented in the tech and startup worlds, whether it’s joining an accelerator (like Y Combinator), working in coworking spaces, or attending and speaking at events. Last month, Startup Grind Greenwich (along with dozens of other Grind chapters) took steps to change the ratio and harness the power of women in leadership as part of its celebration of Female Founders Month.


3 Startup Lessons From Playing Call of Duty

Playing Call of Duty, like many other games, is much like running a startup.  Gamers are challenged to think outside the box, experiment tactics, push boundaries, pivot strategies, and collect rewards (revenue, anyone?) to level up.  It is no wonder why the most popular video games of the 90’s have sprouted a generation of entrepreneurs, eager to tackle similar challenges in a not-so-virtual world. There is, of course, always a downside to video games, as they can become a large distraction.


Upcoming Events in July, August, and September


01 July [Athens, Greece] Networking Event (Season Closing Party)
01 July [Bucharest, Romania] Andrei Pitis (Vector Watch)
01 July [Sydney, Australia] Gen George & Sally Williams (OneShift & Google)
02 July [Curitiba, Brazil] Happy Hour com Ricardo Politi (Broota)
02 July [Madrid, Spain] Sofia Benjumea (Head of Campus Madrid)
02 July [Mexico City, Mexico] Mario Saldivar (GoNet)
02 July [Stockholm, Sweden] Fredrik Feffe Andersson in Sthlm (prev. PRIME PR)
06 July [Dallas, TX] Doug Levy (CEO of Tapgoods)
06 July [Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia] Oyungerel.J (Petrovis LLC)
07 July [Charlotte, NC] Juan Garzón (The Garzón Company / Pitch Breakfast)
08 July [Cluj-Napoca, Romania] Philipp Kandal (Telenav (skobbler))
08 July [Florianópolis, Brazil] Diego Ramos (Teltec Solutions)
08 July [Houston, TX] Startup Grind (Summer Social)
08 July [Philadelphia, PA] Jon Gosier (TED Fellow/Data Scientist/Investor)
08 July [Syracuse, NY] Wills Mahoney (Plowz and Mowz)
09 July [New York City, NY] Joel Spolsky (Stack Exchange)
09 July [Tirana, Albania] Klodian Allajbeu (American Hospital)
11 July [Delhi NCR, India] Nidhi Agarwal (Kaaryah)
13 July [Cape Town, South Africa] Andre de Wet (
13 July [Columbus, OH] Alex Frommeyer (Beam Technologies)
14 July [Bogota, Colombia] Juan Franco (Paymentez)
14 July [Miami, FL] Ben Baldanza (Spirit Airlines)
14 July [Orlando, FL] Max Eliscu (Viewpost)
14 July [Phoenix, AZ] EBQ Summer Party (Entrepreneur BBQ #yesphx)
15 July [Glasgow, United Kingdom] Stuart Macdonald (Seric Systems Ltd.)
15 July [Orange County, CA] Nikki Barua (BeyondCurious)
16 July [Lansing, MI] Matthew Roszak (Tally Capital)
16 July [Princeton, NJ] Flint Lane (Billtrust)
16 July [San Francisco, CA] Summer Party (hosted @ Medallia)
16 July [Silicon Valley, CA] Summer Party (hosted @ Medallia)
17 July [Asturias, Spain] Iker Markaide (Zubi Labs)
18 July [Lagos, Nigeria] Bankole Cardoso (Easytaxi)
20 July [Cleveland, OH] Mike Cottrill (Beegit)
20 July [Washington DC, DC] Tim Hwang (FiscalNote)
21 July [Barcelona, Spain] Lluís Font (Kompyte, Captio)
21 July [Chicago, IL] Jai Shekhawat (Fieldglass)
21 July [Council Bluffs, IA] Mark McCormack (ID Marketing Group)
21 July [Greenwich, CT] Austin McChord (Datto)
21 July [Los Angeles, CA] Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia)
21 July [Nairobi, Kenya] Mikul Shah (Eatout)
21 July [Sacramento, CA] Summer Party (Sac Tech Community)
22 July [Austin, TX] Aimy Steadman/Justin Fenchel (Beatbox Beverages)
22 July [Madison, WI] Toni Sikes (CODAworx, Calumet Venture Fund)
22 July [Madrid, Spain] Summer Party w/ Rodolfo Carpinter CEO & Founder (DAD)
22 July [Seoul, Korea] Dino Ha (Memebox)
23 July [Albany, NY] David W. Dussault (DHA Holdings, Inc.)
23 July [Guangzhou, China] Ken Lee 李锦恒 (VIPSHOP)
23 July [Guatemala City, Guatemala] Anner Mejía (Grupo Misol)
23 July [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Joel Neoh (KFit, Groupon, REVAsia)
24 July [Detroit, MI] Global Summer Party! (Startup Grind)
24 July [Ensenada, Mexico] Ramon Toledo (Busca Corp.)
25 July [Karachi, Pakistan] Adnan Lawai (Folio3)
25 July [North Bay, CA] Entrepreneur Barbeque (Free)
25 July [Port Louis, Mauritius] Ravi Jetshan (Ravior)
27 July [Edinburgh, United Kingdom] Dr. Jamie Coleman (CodeBase)
28 July [Aberdeen, United Kingdom] Professor Gary McEwan (Elevator)
28 July [Campinas, Brazil] Tiago Yonamine (
28 July [London, United Kingdom] M. Jacobsen, E. Jones (Dirty Dancing, Enterp Nation)
29 July [Adelaide, Australia] Christian Mischler (HotelQuickly)
29 July [Melbourne, Australia] Adrian Stone (AngelCube)
29 July [Singapore, Singapore] Vinnie Lauria (Golden Gate Ventures)
29 July [Tampa Bay, FL] Jeff Gigante (Ciccio Restaurant Group)
30 July [Denver, CO] Brad Feld (Foundry Group)
30 July [Mexico City, Mexico] Rene Serrano (Fondeadora)
30 July [Ottawa, Canada] Eric Chan (eepmon)


Can Startups Really Build an Innovation Ecosystem Anywhere?

Innovation is hard. Miriam-Webster defines innovation as “a new idea, method or device”. We have ideas every single day. Creating an environment where innovation is encouraged is even harder.


4 Things Your Developers Want You To Know

Dealing with developers isn’t always easy. This post is chock-full of advice for how to maintain your sanity (and theirs) and how to get the most out of your developers while your project is underway.

Help Them Understand the Vision

Share the Purpose

This is important for obvious motivational reasons, but it also saves you some work. Understanding why a solution is needed gives developers the macro perspective to evaluate fluctuating priorities as a project is underway. It helps make sure your engineers work on the most important things and that they feel involved in the process.


How This Startup Won Amazon's Startup of the Year

The Winston-Salem chapter of Startup Grind hosted their second fireside chat on Thursday, June 11th at Flywheel Cowork in Winston-Salem, NC.  Their featured speaker for our second fireside chat was Jeff Toewe, a specialist in digital and mobile startups. Jeff has 20 years of experience in mobile and digital marketing, leading the strategy and development for global mobile telecoms, mobile & digital marketing firms.  Jeff has recently played a strategic role with Binary Parcels, and has contributed to the design of multiple ground-up solutions now valued in the hundreds of millions.  He has led or contributed on seven USPTO filings related to promotions, real-time data, mobile identity & risk modeling.


4 Ways Business Awards Will Grow Your Business

Startups have limited time and limited resources. But that’s hardly news - entrepreneurs surely feel that invigorating, though no doubt also exhausting, “startup grind” every day. So how can emerging technology companies make sure those limited time and resources go a long way? Read on.

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