May is Female Founders Month! Find your local event featuring amazing women from across the globe.

4 Traits that Make Women like Oprah Winfrey & Estee Lauder Natural Entrepreneurs

Women aspiring to become self-made millionaires have no shortage of inspiring role models to follow. Whether they aspire to rival Oprah Winfrey's media empire, Anita Roddick's retain conquests with The Body Shop, Lillian Vernon nationwide commerce conglomerate, or cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, the business opportunities open to women are endless - as are their successes stories. Best of all, female founders are building out in the open: they're happy and eager to display their secrets of winning at life and achieving success in the name of inspiring future female founders.


9 Innovations That Could Become the Next “Big Thing”

Nearly halfway into 2016, it is clear that we are living in a new era of innovation. Beyond Silicon Valley, corporations and startup hubs worldwide are tackling big problems like water scarcity and cancer.  The concept of the “next big thing” is becoming redundant because breakthroughs have become normal. Here are nine emerging innovations that may soon change the world:


To Succeed, Focus on the People: How to Grow the Employee-Customer Bond

As employers, we often look for success by focusing on measurable metrics, like clicks, shares, and conversion rates. We analyze our programs based by how much they move the needle on sales. We consider improvements based on whether or not they'll save us money over the long term. We focus on numbers, because numbers are easy to see, measure, and manipulate.


Slack Communities are the Future of Networking & These are Our Favorites

If you've just tabbed over to this piece to get away from the flurry of GIFs on your #random channel, or to celebrate after announcing you've crushing another software bug on your #product channel, you might be a Slack user. Though it's quickly becoming the favorite office comms tool in Silicon Valley and far beyond, what does Slack have to do with networking? You'd be surprised: Slack groups are changing the way industry leaders are connecting with each other, and chances are you're already in a few now - but definitely should be.


The Entrepreneur's Cold Hard Truth: The Timing Will Never Be Right

Over the past few months, the ChopDawg team has been spending hours working with a specific client to help bring her app idea to life. The idea was beyond reproach. She was the type of founder who could make it succeed. The story is set for a happy ending - or is it?


Startup Marketing For Beginners: Mobile-First or Business-Last

It’s 2016, and by this point there’s no denying that mobile computing has taken over the world. Mobile sales are at an all-time high, and new emerging connected devices (such as TVs and wearables) are entering the market almost daily.


Celebrating Female Founders with Gina Din, PR Superstar, at Startup Grind Nairobi

May is a special month for the Startup Grind community, when we celebrate the female entrepreneur. We are constantly asked how we face the challenge of the gender gap in our communities and what we are doing to make our events more inclusive of women. There is no easy answer to this, what we do know is incredible female entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE. For the third year in a row we are facing that challenge head on and dedicating the month of May to our campaign for female entrepreneurship.


Growth Metric or Vanity Metric? How to Tailor Your Marketing to the Right Questions

Marketing is a complex industry - and it's not getting any simpler. Take, for example, content marketing: $50 billion is being wasted by B2B content marketing plays for the creation of content that goes totally unused, according to a report by eConsultancy. The biggest problem: most of these business don’t even realize the hole they're burning.


VC Corner: Stephanie Palmeri of SoftTech VC (Poshmark, True & Co, Clever, Spoon University)

Stephanie Palmeri invests with micro VC fund SoftTech VC, where she leads deals in next-generation commerce & marketplaces, mobile services, SaaS, consumer health, and EdTech startups – including Poshmark, True & Co, Clever, Handshake, Grovo, Panorama Education, Lantern, and ClassDojo. Stephanie currently represents SoftTech as board member for Chariot, Educents, and Fatherly and as board observer for numerous investments. She previously served as a board member for Niche (acquired by Twitter). 


6 Entrepreneurial Traits Any Startup Can Start Training Today

When you think of somewhere that breeds the entrepreneurial spirit, is Connecticut the first place that comes to mind? Get past the fact that it has become the backyard to NYC executives and finance superstars. Instead, dig into Greenwich and Fairfield County: home to founders and authors like Bob Dorf, Austin Mccord, Ian and Shep Murray, the Winklevoss twins, what has made them flourish here?

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