10 of the Top Event and Co-Working Spaces in the Bay Area

If you’re tele-working or hosting an event in the Silicon Valley region, it all starts with location, location, location. Fortunately, there are many gorgeous venue spaces that have top notch on-site experts, the latest in technology (of course), and—by San Francisco standards, at least—are pretty accessible with ample parking. However, if you really want to kick things up a notch, consider booking a space that brings something brand new to the table.


The Art and Science of Building an Artificial Intelligence

Take a dip into the oceanic quantity of content on artificial intelligence and you'll soon spot a recurring theme: AI reporting tends to fall into two categories. In one, the robots will kill us. In the other, they'll replace us. In the latter case, the (human) author predicts our irrelevance being caused by machines more intelligent than we are, citing their existing ability to calculate more data more quickly, recognize objects in photos, recommend content for us to read, show us things to buy, supposedly pass Turing tests and automate most of the trading functions that happen on the global stock markets. Some AI, like Narrative Inc’s Quill, can even write analysts’ and legal reports for clients like T. Rowe Price. The authors of these sometimes nuance-free, Terminator-toting pieces generally stop short of mentioning when the AI will be writing articles about itself, lest they write themselves out of a job.


SG Barcelona: Zyncro's Lluís Font on 5 Sales Secrets that Earned His First Big Exit

The experts are in, and they agree: sales is some of the most important fuel for startups -- yet very few companies seem to execute the fundamentals perfectly. Nowadays, the excess of information in social media seem to drag startups into distracting endeavors, such as hiring community managers, getting into the hottest social networks, or trying to create viral content -- all before having a complete product or even defining their sales strategy.


Why Your Hackathon Team Needs Women to Win

Last month my team won 1st place and $5000 at a hackathon with 'Hot Guard', which was also chosen by DevPost as “Staff Pick”. Our secret sauce: gender diversity. While hackathons can still be intimidating for many women, teams that bring on female hackers are literally winning more. These teams are seeing benefits in developing more nuanced ideas, reaching larger markets, and better managing internal communication -- and it's not just talk.


SG Dublin: Back in Action with David, Hosting Alan of Brite:Bill

I first became aware of Startup Grind back in 2012, when I drifted along to one of the monthly events in Dublin. Truth be told, I can't remember the first interview I saw there but I was hooked from the start: I loved the intensity and the intimacy of the format - a million miles away from the standard 15 minutes of banal positivity and fluff you get from founders at typical tech conferences. Even more than that, I loved the crowd that gathered together - an audience that lived and breathed the core Startup Grind values: make friends, not contacts. Give, don't take. Help others before helping yourself.


How to Avoid Legal Landmines: Homejoy & UGotPosted

In his 1997 best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen articulated the term “disruptive technology.” Disruptive technology, as defined by Christensen, displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or creates a completely new industry. According to Christensen, new technology falls into two categories: sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining technology, often associated with large corporations, relies on incremental technological improvements. In contrast, disruptive technology challenges the status quo, initially appeals to few, and may need refinement. Now, the term “disruptive technology” has become ubiquitous in technology and startup communities - and for some startups, has become their very reason for being. During this rise in popularity, disruptive technology has broadened to include more than just challenges to established technology, but rather to our very code of established laws and ethics.


Hacker Houses, Homes of the New Renaissance

It’s twilight. There are over a dozen teens and twenty-somethings that have finally filled back in to the house. There is a Tesla parked outside and 8 or so bikes and a small beat up sedan.


How to Survive as an Entrepreneur in a Weak Economy

As entrepreneurs everywhere were hustling and hacking on their projects this week, many were rudely awakened by a text message, a news report, or a frantic friend: driven by China's economic turbulence, the global market plummeted 1,000 points in a single day. For entrepreneurs totally invested in their companies, this may not mean much - for such a downturn means bad news for the market, and potentially for your total available customers. The markets continue to brace themselves for what will come next, as China continues to teeter on the brink, oil futures appear volatile, and the US Fed remain indecisive about its short term strategy. 


The Startup’s Guide to Government Relations

By now, everyone has heard the Uber story: at its best, the “underdog” tech startup disrupting public policy; and at its worst, the venture-inflated behemoth twisting arms to prop up an illegal business. While the controversy brews, Uber is suffering: non-stop challenges of government regulation and legislation are beginning to impact the company’s ability to grow, especially in its strongest markets.


How to Land a Job at a Hot Startup

This simple approach will have startup founders lining up to get you on their team.


5 Factors Impacting Landing Page Conversion You Didn't Know

Let’s assume you’ve got a beautifully designed and optimized landing page with proper call to actions in place - yet you’re unhappy with the conversion rates. What else could be wrong?

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