6 Cringeworthy Branding Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Small Business

No matter how small your business is, chances are you’ve already been hard at work at trying to build the brand of your business. You've seen tons of advice on "how to build a great brand," so why aren't you and every other small business owner gurus by now?


Steal the Strategy "Traction" Used to Capture 3,000+ Emails

Just last week, in preparation for our re-launch of Traction, we launched Traction Course, a free 14-day email course that shows you how to double your Facebook ad ROI, get more Twitter followers, and improve your email open rates by 30%+.


SG 2016: Marc Andreessen, a16z's Oracle of Silicon Valley

Ask Marc about bubbles - we dare you. As co-founder of the legendary venture capital group Andreessen Horowitz, Marc and his team sift through 3,000 referrals to make 20 investments each year in companies with huge markets, differentiated technologies, and courageous, genius entrepreneurs with a will to power. The a16z portfolio includes Slack, GitHub, Medium, Zenefits, AltSchool, Pinterest, Soylent - and those are just investments made in 2015. Big wins you will know include Oculus, Skype, Instagram, and Box. The core of the a16z thesis is simple: the best is yet to come, and technology will lead the charge.


SG 2016: Chamath Palihapitiya, Deconstructor at S23P

Stop and imagine this dystopia for a moment: in a world of over 7 billion people, the centers of power are calcified and society is led by those who are “smart enough to be greedy, but not smart enough to be useful.”


SG Podcast Notes: Bastian Lehmann, September in San Francisco

See the full interview here or listen in to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, and check our event notes below. 


How to Know if Your Startup has Gone Full Corporate

People often ask me, “Maboo, you had such a chill, cushy life over at Rap Genius - why did you have to blow it? You were eating all this free Whole Foods, you had investments from Ben Horowitz and Dan Gilbert and all these ballers - why couldn’t you simply keep your stupid mouth shut?!”


By the Data: For Consumers, Mobile is the Internet

Beside work related tasks - mobile is the Internet.


The Show Must Go On: Positioning Your Company for the Right Investor

Imagine that business is going great. Sales are up dramatically, the company and its products are getting a lot of traction thanks to social media campaigns, and a well-known celebrity is offering to endorse your product. A potential investor has approached the company and wants to buy-in, offering a $1 million capital infusion and line of credit on very favorable terms. The founding members are thrilled and are already looking for ways to invest the money back into the business (and maybe start collecting a nice paycheck themselves). The sky seems to be the limit. Or is it?​


SG DC: Fighting the Bots with Rami Essaid of Distil Networks

In the long-standing tradition of featuring local startups that have made it big, Startup Grind DC was privileged to host Rami Essaid in September 2015. A Syrian-born American entrepreneur and software engineer, Rami is the founder and CEO of Distil Networks, the leading public and private cloud security provider that blocks malicious bots, or automated computer programs, attacking your website.


SG Bratislava: Three Months of Slovakia's Top Founders

If you joined us on the 25th of August, you had a chance to catch the kick off to the Startup Grind series in Bratislava at the private residence of the British ambassador with Rasto Kulich, country manager of Google Slovakia. Even with a refreshing sprinkle of rain, the event drew over 140 passionate founders and community members. We couldn't be happier. Our second event, also summarized here, introduced Zdenko Hoschek, founder of Slovakia's largest discount portal, for an honest journey through failures and successes that brought him to the founding of ZlavaDna.sk.


Genius in Madness? 72% of Entrepreneurs Affected by Mental Health Conditions

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness,” said Aristotle.​


Fix These 4 Mistakes Ruining Your Content Marketing Efforts

In today's noisy marketing landscape, ever brand needs to make its unique voice heard or it risks a fate worse than destruction -- being ignored. To weave their stories, every brand must therefore become a content producer and marketer. To carve their niches, the best companies are providing consistently great content on all the platforms popular among their users in a way that grabs their attention, reels in their interest, creates a desire around the product or service, and inspires action.

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