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Startup Grind Launches in Gaza, Palestine!

Entrepreneurship is closely tied with the unexpected, be it a new gadget, app or tool. Everyday we hear about stories of products and services that challenge and change how we live, work, travel and communicate; but every once in a while we hear about a new breakthrough from an unexpected place, which brings hope that entrepreneurs could help improve people's lives in areas suffering tough conditions. This time, the hype is happening somewhere you would least expect to have a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem: The Gaza strip, Palestine.


SG 2016: Clayton Christensen, Godfather of Disruptive Innovation

We're excited to welcome back Clayton Christensen, the godfather of disruptive innovation, for his second appearance at the Startup Grind Global Conference in February 2016!


How Spirit Airlines Unbundled and Kept To The "Bare" Necessities

In a capitalist world, what differentiates one product from another? Is it the better quality, how long it lasts, the customer experience, or the price? In an economy where millions of companies offer the same service, companies have to be innovative to make their product stand out over their competitors. Spirit Airlines is completely differentiating themselves by sticking to their basics and attracting customers with their incredibly low fares. Read on or listen to this interview on our podcast!


Techstars Boise: Giving Idaho Entrepreneurs a Shot

A shot of what?  A shot of knowledge, a shot at the big time, a shot of adrenaline, a shot of magical unicorn tears?  The answer is “all of the above and more.”  All five partners of Techstars Ventures will be hitting the ground in Boise on August 24th and they’ll be handing out these shots like candy.  It’s what they do.  They hook up entrepreneurs with game changing insight, mentorship, and connections that help fuel the fires that we’re building.


Try These 6 Hacks to Get More from Startup Events

TED. Pirate Summit. Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Web Summit. STEP. SLUSH. The amount of conferences, summits and initiatives that are out there is vast and the opportunities are endless, especially for entrepreneurs within the tech startup scene. Going to an event is one of the most effective ways to expand your network, be introduced to interesting new tech - and perhaps meet your future investor or co-founder. 


The Three Ingredients to Building a Successful Business

Ever since working NextGenAngels, I’ve lost 26 inches from my waistline... well, not really. But I have learned a lot. 


Upcoming Events in August, September, October

Lots of great events scheduled across the world for August, September, and October. TechStars, Adobe, Shyp, Sequoia Capital and more! 


How Digital Health will Disrupt the US Healthcare System

One-sixth of the US economy is spent on the US healthcare system.  About $2.8 trillion is spent annually or an average of $8,500 per person.  When compared to other countries, the size of the healthcare system alone would rank fifth in the world.  An informative article from Vox analyzes this spending through various comparisons and graphs.


5 Content Marketing Strategies for Your SaaS Business

There are many different ways to create and package a product or service, but the one quickly becoming the best approach is SaaS - software as a service. SaaS applications are delivered in the cloud, so there are no downloads, no licenses; customers typically pay a monthly subscription and access the service through their browser.


The 5 Curses that Cause Startups to Fail

If you look at the full spectrum of businesses - those  getting ready to kick off, those with expansionist ambitions, but also the huge and prospering ones and, unfortunately, even those in decline, you will discover that the problems encountered, regardless of the scale or age of a particular business or sector, are repetitive.


How to Approach Angel Investors

Raising capital from angel investors - usually themselves successful entrepreneurs often connected to the founder as a friend or family connection - has become a popular way to infuse capital in today's startups. Before approaching an angel investor, every founder must observe a few basics before they decide to seek funding from any source. As a brief outline, this piece is part of a series detailing the basics of raising funds with angel investors, where to meet them, how to talk to them, and the ins and outs of pitching. This is meant for a newcomer that is still learning the ropes.

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