Entrepreneurship Means Knowing How to Handle Plan B - This is Why

There's an old proverb in Yiddish, often translated as "We plan, God laughs." The idea is that regardless of what plans we mortals make, there's no guarantee that things will work out the way we hope. In the business world, this translates to always having a Plan B, and knowing how to implement it. If Plan A works – great! But if not, you need to be ready.


The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Validating Your Startup Idea - Part Two

Just getting started? Make sure you read part one so you can fully understand the startup framework


Startup Paradise in Hawaii: Rainbows, Sunshine, and Tech

Everything amazing you think Hawaii is about is true: the beaches, perfect weather, surfer chicks, island living, and so on. But it gets even better if you’re an entrepreneur - Hawaii is also home to Startup Paradise, a rising technology nexus with three incubators, five accelerators, six investment funds, and six startup organizations. It’s where you can work hard and play hard without losing your sanity or giving up your soul.


How to Network Like a Boss

You’ve probably heard that there are only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else on the planet. When it comes to your startup, it’s vital to make connections and regardless of how many people it takes to get you to the right person, no one is too far removed. If you enjoy networking and connecting, it can even be enjoyable to facilitate those connections. However, not everyone has stellar networking skills right off the bat. Becoming a better networker is critical to your startup, and it could even be the key to your startup’s success. But how can you mingle and network like a boss?


8 Key Components Your Website Needs to Raise Venture Capital Money

What are the factors that make a company worth funding or investing in? Are you making something users want to use and pay for? Is your timing in the market late or early? Do you have a value proposition, proprietary technology, or patent advantage over other competitors? Have you validated your idea before and during development? All these questions sound overwhelming, but if you are ready to raise, you should be prepared to answer them.


How to Get Acquired by Google, According to VP of Corporate Development Don Harrison

"Bringing on founders is key to fostering innovation," said Don Harrison at the Startup Grind Global Conference. Don has been leading Google's mergers & acquisitions team since January 2013, and he has an immense amount of experience with Google's approach to acquiring companies, having presided over the acquisition of companies like Waze, Motorola and Admob.


"Play Bigger" - A Must Read Book for Startup Founders Building The Next Big Thing

Crafting books built on deep focus, meticulous research, and an unabashed love for the entrepreneurial world, Christopher Lochhead - the author of Play Bigger - is a top entrepreneurial mind worth listening to. Sitting with Breakthrough Radio host Michele Price, Lochhead dug into actionable advice on the past, present, and future of market positioning.


How to Build a Website in a Week or Less

There are over a billion websites live right now and that figure is set to grow as more people and brands turn to the internet to make themselves heard. There are still lots of misconceptions, however, about how the amount of work it takes to not only design and build a reliable and fast website, but also see it live on a chosen domain.


This is Why the Best Entrepreneurs Don’t Ignore Their Health

Health matters for everyone. Taking care of yourself not only gives you a longer life but also a higher quality one. Entrepreneurs, unfortunately, are among the worst at taking care of themselves. Long hours and little leisure time can lead to a range of physical and mental ailments. As a result, 72% of entrepreneurs have mental health issues.


How To Use Self-Interest To Get Your Damn Investor Updates Done

So you raised money for your startup? Good for you! When was the last time you sent your investors an update? I'll bet you a large Philz coffee that it's been more than 3 months.


50 Years of Star Trek: Predictions and Inspiration for Innovative Entrepreneurs

The crew of the Starship Enterprise began their voyage 50 years ago, airing for the first time on September 8, 1966.  As a kid, Star Trek was my favorite show. When my cousins and I played Star Trek, I would always play Scotty, the miracle working engineer, and in many ways, Star Trek was personally influential to me. My decision to go into engineering and join the U.S. Navy were both inspired in part by Star Trek. In honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, I would like to highlight a few of the predictions and inspirations that have arisen from Star Trek.

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