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Startups and Enterprise: A Love Story

A growing number of enterprise companies are attempting open innovation or startup innovation, but few of them are tackling the concept with as much precision as Oracle's Reggie Bradford, 3-time entrepreneur and Startup Ecosystem & Accelerator boss at the cloud software giant. "How do we help startups build better products and create capabilities?" he posited. "That's job number 1."

Why Our 7-Month Old Son is My Role Model for Startup Leadership

The last few months have been incredible and can best be described as a period of immeasurable growth. I have watched our first child come into this world and grow in new ways every day. Our startup, which is also our new baby, is growing rapidly and, perhaps as a consequence of both of these life-changing events --every experience in my life feels like an explosion. I feel like I have undergone exceptional personal growth as well.

4 Ways To Have Stellar Customer Service

Less than a decade ago, customer service was considered a mere support function of a company. Back then, businesses got by with small customer support teams that could pass flustered customers from one extension to another. Or so it seemed to the rest of us.

How To Build A Rockstar Website On A Startup Budget

You’re not the only Startup operating on a tight budget these days. Today’s entrepreneurs should be looking to cut costs wherever they can get a break to stay on track with budgets, reach success, and put money aside for rainy days.

The Pitfalls of Trying to be Anyone But Yourself

We want success.

6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Setting Up Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding has gained huge popularity as an alternative funding tool, having grown more than triple its size in the past three years alone.

5 Lead Generation Strategies to Explode Business Growth

As a startup, you're focused on getting your message out there and getting a solid footing in your industry. But, if you ever want to get out of that startup phase -- growth has to come. And, sometimes, that growth can come on too fast and cause growing pains. While growing pains are a good problem to have, you likely won't have them unless you've got some killer lead generation strategies in place.

The Conversation We Keep Avoiding

Mythologically within the world of successful entrepreneurs and business folks is this mirage that one must just muscle hard and power through the difficulties of starting a company as if it be purely a battle of physical measure. Of physical and mental willpower.

3 Cold Hard Truths About Content Marketing

"Create good quality content, and people will come."

5 Podcasts All Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

The most diligent entrepreneurs are the ones that are on a constant hunt for a new lead. They’re driven by new innovations and developments and persistently on the lookout for inspiration on their mission to change the world.

Calling All Tech Startups: Use This Strategy to Pinpoint and Outsmart Your Competitors

Late nights, cold coffees, re-heated meals are some things that all startup founders must be familiar with. But since these come with a promise of great future, entrepreneurs endure them to the best of their abilities.

How I Growth Hacked One Facebook Group Post to Make $200,000

Wish you could make $200,000 from one Facebook Group post?
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