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Why Startups Should Join the Chinese Food Tech Revolution

Joseph Zhou of Bits x Bites, China's only food tech startup accelerator and venture capital firm, is inspiring China’s entrepreneurial community to bring new ideas to solve global food safety and nutrition issues. China has the world's largest population and the country is the world's largest food producer.

Issues Startups Face and How to Deal With Them Efficiently

Problems are going to occur when it comes to a startup as all businesses tend to have growing pains in their infancy. The ways that founders and staff react to these issues can have long term implications on the business and its brand.

Challenges You Don't Know You'll Face as a Non Technical Founder

I've been marketing various products and services for years. Everything from dating programs to weight loss supplements. None of them have been as attractive to me as the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. 

3 Engagement Tactics All Entrepreneurs Should Consider

One major mistake many entrepreneurs are guilty of is focusing too much on the numbers when it comes to growing an audience. Ultimately, the number that matters is followers who are actually engaged with your business.

Raising Capital through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

A friend of mine kept nagging me to buy Bitcoin when it was around $900. Honestly, the whole concept of cryptocurrency seemed a little wanky. For those of you that don’t know, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency enabled by blockchain technology which debuted in 2009. 

4 Ways to Use Customer Insights to Build Better Products

What drives innovation in your company? Is it market trends? Leaders and creatives? Or do your customers dictate what direction you take?

5 Steps to Spur Innovators Forward With Smart Management

Eight Nobel Prizes, three Kyoto Prizes, three Turing Awards, two GRAMMY Awards, and one Academy Award. That's an incomplete list of recognitions that Bell Labs and its members have received during the organization's 92-year life. 

When It’s Okay To Leave Corporate America For Your Startup Dream Job

There are certain benefits to working in corporate America. Your job is usually pretty well defined, you may have great benefits, and you know that your company is going to be there day after day. You are often a cog in a well-oiled machine, and that can feel great.

Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small or Large Startup

The world of marketing has shifted power to digital platforms having the largest impact on businesses. This is due to the amount of traffic that is seen on a daily basis due to people surfing on their smartphones.

Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Startups Going Into 2018

2017 has been huge for ICOs, short for Initial Coin Offerings. So far this year, startups have managed to raise a whopping $1.3 billion in funding from ICOs, which is more than triple the amount raised from mainstream VC funding over the same period.

Losing Your Way & 5 Steps To Get Back On Track

Feeling lost as a founder happens to us all at some point.
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