5 Ways to Make Shorter Workdays Without Losing Productivity and Momentum

Working long hours has become a badge of honor among Americans, particularly for startup teams and entrepreneurs. Founders expect to work 60-plus hours per week, and employees feel obligated to burn the midnight oil alongside them.


Don’t Let Student Debt Keep You From Launching a Startup

The majority of employers in the United States are small businesses and startups. With national student loan debt surpassing $1.3 trillion, small business growth has slowed considerably. Entrepreneurs with great ideas are putting off launching a business — or dismissing the idea altogether — to get a job and get a handle on their debt. This issue has a significant negative effect on the economy. However, there are options available for would-be entrepreneurs to launch their business while managing their loans.


What is Drip Marketing, and Why Your Startup Needs it To Grow

The traditional way of increasing conversions is flawed, and by this I mean solely focusing on optimizing and testing web pages. It so happens this is 98% of what conversion experts do, in my own experience.


How Snapchat Capitalizes on Our Short Attention Spans

You’ve got four seconds to check this out. Take it or leave it.


7 Things Startup Founders Should Avoid if They Want to Succeed

As you probably already know, startup failure is extremely common. According to many business analysts, the rate of startup failure is 96% after ten years. Sometimes the market isn’t ready for what you have to offer and sometimes a competitor cuts you off with something better.


4 Reasons Behind Pokémon Go's Wild Success

I can’t seem to get away from it. Gaggles of millennials roam through malls with their smartphones out, trying to catch Pokémon characters. The media is buzzing with Pokémon Go’s developments. In its debut week, Pokémon Go broke the Apple App Store’s download record and currently holds the position of “Top Grossing iPhone” app. Not bad for a free app, is it?


5 Reasons You Should Embrace Self-Driving Cars

2016 has been an exciting year so far for technologies that, until recently, have been confined to the world of science fiction dreams. Whether it’s 3D printing revolutionizing the Healthcare industry or the widespread commercial availability of VR technology, we’re continuing to witness amazing innovations that even just a few years ago seemed like distant possibilities at best.


Vanity Metrics, or Why Boxes Beat Billboards

Riding on the D train in NYC I was chuffed to see big ads for one of our portfolio companies covering the interior of the subway car. I snapped a few photos and sent the CEO a congratulatory message.


Burnout Will Kill Your Business - Here’s What You Can Do About It

As Lori Greiner correctly said, “entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” That’s just who we are. We strive, we endure, and we don’t accept failure. But it's not often we take the time to calm our nerves, get fully rested and relaxed, or take a vacation.


Immigrating to Silicon Valley: How I Got an L-1A Visa Without a Lawyer

The immigration officer waves me forward.


Snagajob's CEO Peter Harrison: If You Listen Only to Customers, You Risk Riding a Smaller Wave

With the Affordable Care Act and other legislation, we see two trends: employers offering fewer hours and hourly workers needing enough hours to make a living.


3 Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

You have just a few days to learn everything there is to know about a subject you know nothing about. Now what?

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