Blank’s Rule: Craziness Leads to Innovation

In a rapidly changing world those who copy the past have doomed their future.


3 Ways You Are Destroying Your Own Company

A company going down is nothing new because 90% of startups fail within five years. How can your startup be the exception? Your idea might be great and your customers may love you, but if you are indulging in bad entrepreneurial habits, your company will most likely fail.


3 Reasons Why Every Marketing Department Needs to be Data-Driven

The phrase "content is king" has become very popular among marketing teams. The reality is that data is taking over how we are making decisions. In 2016, data is the king. Today, businesses are gathering and utilizing data to predict and optimize results. 


AOL Founder Steve Case Says We Are Entering the Internet’s Third Wave

“The Internet being integrated in some interesting, seamless, pervasive and sometimes even invisible ways.”


5 Ways to Make Shorter Workdays Without Losing Productivity and Momentum

Working long hours has become a badge of honor among Americans, particularly for startup teams and entrepreneurs. Founders expect to work 60-plus hours per week, and employees feel obligated to burn the midnight oil alongside them.


The Startup Founder's Guide to SEO & PPC Keyword Targeting Research

 The relationship between keywords and search queries is the foundation of Adwords paid search marketing and organic SEO campaigns. We hope this 5,000 word keyword targeting guide will help startups and business owners have a better understanding of how you can combine PPC and organic search engine optimization strategies to create content and ads for both informational and transactional terms in order to maximize traffic, conversions and marketing channels. Happy reading.


5 Realistic Tips to Build a Successful Startup


Starting your own business is always a difficult prospect. You want to make it the best place to work in the world but that’s easier said than done. You have to build an online reputation and protect yourself from defamation. On top of that, you have to constantly increase the value of your sales to ensure that you can fund expansions and take your company to the next level.


6 Mistakes To Avoid in Your First Year as a Startup Founder

Founding a startup is a rewarding and challenging experience.  Driven by the need to change the world, an industry, or even by a desire to call your own shots, new startups are popping up every day.


Sacramento’s Tech Scene Growing With $10 Million Innovation Fund

On June 21st, the Sacramento City Council unanimously approved a $10 million Innovation and Growth Fund. The purpose of the fund is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the City of Sacramento.


Improve Your Branding and Online Reputation With a Popping Logo

A great logo is more important for your startup than you think. Countless articles, branding-related podcasts, infographics, YouTube videos, and interviews confirm how influential a logo can be. According to 46% of marketers, imagery is crucial to telling a great story. It is, therefore, extremely important craft a great startup logo.


How to Meet and Exceed Expectations On Time, Every Time

How people relate to us and judge us often comes down to one concept: are we able to meet the expectations they have?


6 Tricks For Implementing Purposeful and Effective Digital Content

Absolutely anyone can craft content. Everything is ‘content’ but not everything is worthwhile content. To be useful and well-received, your digital content has to have a purpose. This guide will show you six tricks for implementing purposeful content:

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