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4 Social Marketing Strategies with the Highest ROI for Start-Ups

I’ve had the pleasure of working with multiple start-ups as both a co-founder and an outside consultant. If you had asked me while I was in the storm of my first start-up, the word, “pleasure” would probably not have been the first word that came to mind.

5 Ways That Politics Shape Entrepreneurship and Startups

Political developments such as new presidents and new parties in control of Congress obviously have a major impact on our daily lives, but it’s also important to realize how these changes could affect the world of entrepreneurship and startup companies.

5 Tips for Convincing People to Join Your Startup

As a fledgling startup, you don’t have nearly the resources that more established businesses in your industry have. This makes it more difficult to bring on top talent because they are easily lured to larger companies with bigger budgets. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make your startup more appealing to prospects.

Here’s How You Keep Your Startup Safe in a World of Crime

As the founder of a startup or small business, you may assume that you’re safe from hackers and cybercrime for the time being. After all, who would want to mess with you when there are billion-dollar companies out there?

Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need Significant (If Any) Early-Stage Funding to Succeed

For startup founders, money is close to the first thing on your mind. While it is important to properly manage your financials, it isn’t a good idea to pursue early -- stage funding. Venture capitalists and angel investors are often turned off by those companies barely off the ground that are seeking significant financing. Still, you need funds. What else can you do to build your business properly?

What's Next In Cryptocurrency?

In my work as a marketing advisor I get the chance to see so many companies, business models, and trends and two years ago I started to get interested and invest in the area of cryptocurrencies.

Disrupting the Health Sector - Founder Dr. Johnny Walker

In the searing Western Australia Outback heat of approximately 48 degrees, Dr. Walker provided care to 48 pregnant women a day -- from the back of a truck. This is where the initial entrepreneurial thoughts spurred to the mind of Dr. Walker, leading to the highly successful international telemedicine practice "Global Diagnostics." The thorough care, passion and selfless acts expressed by Dr. Walker throughout his mission reveal his ambition to leverage global healthcare to the highest quality.

How To Grow From A Scrappy Brand To A Goliath

Dollar Shave Club started with a simple value proposition:

Key to the Success of IoT Is IoH

Starting from the times of mythology, where one’s wishes were "heard" by Gods, to technology, where one can overlay digital objects over physical reality and interact or "act" as if they are one and the same, the human element has always been the same – you can call them the enabler, master or even creator to some extent if we are not kidding ourselves.

The Power Of AI In Lead Generation

Let’s face it, as a marketer, your primary goal in mind is almost always on finding new strategies to help you find and target quality leads and targets for your sales team.

What Is a Smart City, and Why You Should Care

If you work or live in the DC Metro Region, by now you’ve probably heard rumblings about the upcoming development Gramercy District.
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