May is Female Founders Month! Find your local event featuring amazing women from across the globe.

All in On Life: How Leela Srinivasan, Lever CMO, is Climbing the Ladder on Her Own Terms

When Leela Srivivasan, Lever CMO and mother of two, took to the Startup Grind stage, she had the audience captivated instantly. She dug into her topic, "Hiring for Growth: 13 Hacks in 30 Minutes," with the audience hanging on to her every worth, infected by her enthusiasm, then drawn in by her experience. With influential roles at LinkedIn and OpenTable, she brings years of expertise to bear - not just in business, but in building a life alongside her career. For Startup Grind's annual Female Founder's Month, we're looking to women who have stepped out of traditional molds, creating careers that truly work for them - and their families.


Female Entrepreneur Month & Upcoming Events in May, June, and July

May - Startup Grind's Annual Female Entrepreneur Month

02 May [Minneapolis, MN] Clay Collins, Co-Founder/CEO (LeadPages)


Barcelona's Year of Lessons: 12 Takeaways from Spain's Best Companies

2015 was overall a good year for Barcelona: we had several exits, investment reached an all-time high and we saw an IPO by Agile Content.


Marketing Is a Mindset, Not a Department - Here's Why

Your marketing department is one of the central pillars of your company - but it’s also a pillar that shouldn’t operate in isolation. More than ever, companies have to consider how every team integrates into the larger vision. When it comes to growth, you'll need to pull in design, development, and yes, marketing.


How To Think Like A Computer Scientist

“Thanks for coming by, but we’re going to have to get another estimate before we book with you”


More than Chocolate: Join Switzerland's First Equity-Free Accelerator Fund Today

Developing a business idea is always challenging and common knowledge says more than 90% of startups fail. But there are ways to improve your odds: studies of business incubator show the survival rate of a business that goes through an accelerator program can be as high as three times that of companies who don’t. What’s more, research shows companies that completed an accelerator grew faster than companies who didn’t. Though every founder should ask questions before joining an accelerator, it's clear that first time entrepreneurs need support, and at some point, funding. Though thousands of accelerators exist worldwide, here's why the Swiss Kickstart Accelerator could be what you're looking for.


If You're Not Writing, You're Losing Sales: Here's The Why and How of Blogging for Business

Everyone seems to struggle to get a their five minutes of glory to give exposure to their startup. That is, nowadays, being featured on Product Hunt, Reddit or other major publishing site that will drive thousands of visitors to your site.


How to Hire, Retain, and Motivate Your Developer Team

Across a varied career, my last 4 years have had one thing in common: working with strong developer talent. At every place I've worked, companies have had a very difficult time keeping developers - not just as employees, but motivated in the first place. Let's be honest: sometimes writing code, especially for legacy systems can be a life-draining, futile exercise. We've found developers usually just shop for 4 major reasons. Have you seen any of these at your company? 


Working on a Biotech Startup? Move Fast, Get There Early, and Become Defensible, says this Bio Founder

Whether it comes to biotech or your latest app, being first always helps. But when Abionic launched a product to diagnose up to 10 allergies using just one drop of blood in 20 minutes - with the same precision as traditional tests - the company didn't just move fast, it made a huge splash. This fast-moving but detail-oriented culture comes from founder Nicolas Durand, who couldn't wait to build something important: While pursuing his PhD, he struck an agreement with his advisors: “My advisors said it would be a 4 year program.  But I wanted to launch a company before 4 years, so I proposed completing my PhD in 3 years and then spending the last year launching the business. My advisors didn’t like the idea of diverting from the traditional plan, but they finally accepted my proposal.” He couldn't be stopped.


8 Reasons to Bring Your Startup to Philadelphia Right Now

I’m running one of the fastest growing app development companies in the United States. We’ve been around for almost seven years and have helped launch over 160 applications around the world.


Startup Grind Has Launched in Kabul, Afghanistan

Being in the state of upheaval for over a decade now, it is unfortunate Afghanistan is so often associated with the terror of war, Taliban forces, and insecurity. Some of it is true, of course: we are bravely fighting the war against terrorist, but terror and the Taliban most certainly can't be tracked from our Afghani roots. We've always been a loving, peaceful nation - until the only recent emergency of terror groups who have undermined this part of our nature. But it's not just our success in fighting terrorism in collaboration with US troops that has given us hope that we're moving in the right direction, but also the development of Afghanistan's startup ecosystem. Today, I can proudly say we've moved another step towards peace and prosperity, with the launch of Startup Grind Kabul, Afghanistan.

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