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A Startups Guide to Holiday Gifts for Yourself and Others

We love the holidays. Getting together with family and friends and being able to renew acquaintances that we've lost track of, is an important part of the holidays. The busy startup or founder wearing so many hats in their businesses may put family and friends gifts as the first tasks to accomplish on the to-do list, but sometimes these names and gifts end up the last items to be crossed off the checklist. 

David Michigan (Personal Trainer)

David Michigan is french with Native American origins personal trainer with a massive presence in the social media scene. David is best known for his unique teaching technique of giving his clients hypnotic sessions and self-hypnotic training backed by his special nutrition and training plans.

How to Source Products from China Using Alibaba

Are You Prepared to Jump Into the World of eCommerce?I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m most certainly not an expert. I’ve only worked on a few projects, but I have successfully went through the process of sourcing physical products from Alibaba, so figured I would share.

What Avengers Personality is Your Startup?

Heroes like the Avengers make us dream of what it might be like to develop superpowers. Part of their appeal is that unlike the X-Men, many of these powers were not genetic but obtained through some fluke event – which means we might just be able to relate to it. More importantly, Avenger characters tend to be unapologetically human, powers combining with personality traits to give each one advantages and disadvantages.

Five Signs You’ve Become a Complacent Founder

We just hired our 30th employee. The days of co-working are long behind us. Our brick-walled SoHo office has consistent WiFi coverage; we’ve had a working product for the last 300+ demos. Finally, respected international brands are excitedly using our platform to scale experimentation and drive their agile transformations.

How Much Cash Will You Need To Launch A Startup?

As you consider starting your first business, you should be looking at the costs of running a company. There are some obvious things most people will consider: the cost of rent in their area, the cost of inventory, the manufacturing costs of their products. But there are a number of factors that many first time entrepreneurs forget to factor in.

Selling When You're A Reluctant Salesperson

Selling is my job. I’m very good at it and I really enjoy it.

Stop Struggling And Get Your Startup Flowing With The Current

Some mistakes are beneficial for startups to make in order to gain direct experience and wisdom. However, others are unnecessary and costly. One of the most dangerous mistakes is becoming attached to your own products and ideas to the point of rigidity.

Brian Norton - An Entrepreneur in Fintech From a Harvard Degree in History

Diving into the Fintech space having studied History at Harvard, it is instantaneously clear that Brian is an Entrepreneur with adaptability at the forefront of his strengths. Speaking of his journey that has led to the creation of Future finance, Brian puts forward his plans to prepare for the next chapter of discovering the Universe.

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Digital Startup More Secure

When we launch a digital startup, we tend to be focused on market reception and growing the number of users. Protecting the value of our successful business? Well, that’s one of those “nice to have” problems that we’ll worry about when we get there, right?

Beyond Black Friday: 5 Strategies to Make Your Retail App Stickier

 Ahead of Black Friday, Sharon Tom, Product Lead, BCG Digital Ventures, discusses some of the key strategies to keep holiday shoppers engaged.
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