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Who We Are

Startup Grind is the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators. We bring like-minded yet diverse individuals together to connect, learn, teach, help, build, and belong. We do this daily through our local events, flagship conferences, startup program, partnerships, and online media + content - collectively reaching over 3.5 million individuals worldwide.

Our Values

  • We believe in making friends, not contacts.
  • We believe in giving, not taking.
  • We believe in helping others before helping yourself.
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Our Team

Adedoyin Adewola Adedoyin Adewola Abuja Chapter Director
Derek Andersen Derek Andersen
Founder and CEO of Startup Grind
Paul Ark Paul Ark
Bangkok Chapter Director
John Boitnott John Boitnott
Judy Chang Judy Chang
Marketing Manager
Coco Chia Coco Chia
Growth Marketing Coordinator
Emily Cooper Emily Cooper
Cincinnati Community Manager
Candace Dalmagne-Rouge Candace Dalmagne-Rouge
Community Manager
Eugenia Digon Eugenia Digon
Graphic Designer
Joel Fernandes Joel Fernandes
Startup Grind CTO
Baird Hall Baird Hall
Marketing Manager
Said Hassan Said Hassan
Events Manager
Drew Hendricks Drew Hendricks
Jelle Kajim Jelle Kajim
Community Manager
Grace Lancaster Grace Lancaster
HQ Events + Speaker Manager
Bruce Lunnis Bruce Lunnis
Community Manager
Shahar Matorin Shahar Matorin
Tel Aviv Chapter Director
Neda Morrar Neda Morrar
Operations Manager
Tracey Norkjaer Tracey Norkjaer
Events Manager
Inne Ongkodjojo Inne Ongkodjojo
Deanna Rampton Deanna Rampton
Daniel Reilly Daniel Reilly
Community Manager
Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Startup Grind Barcelona
Rafaela Santillan Rafaela Santillan Fresno State Chapter Director
Vi Tran Vi Tran
Startup Grind Team Hustler
Madeline Ulivieri Madeline Ulivieri
Community Manager
Jens Wernborg Jens Wernborg
Hong Kong Chapter Co-Director
Silke Wolf Silke Wolf
Zurich Co-Director
Brendan Yell Brendan Yell
Sydney Chapter Director
Rodrigo de Alvarenga Rodrigo de Alvarenga
Brazil Regional Manager

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