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Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 98 countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs. The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind has now hosted 5,000 fireside chats since its founding in 2010. To date, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

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Our Team

Rafat Abushaban Rafat Abushaban
Gaza Chapter Director
Erik Ackner Erik Ackner
Startup Grind Chengdu Director
Hanane Ait Aissa Hanane Ait Aissa
Casablanca Chapter Director
Caroline Akoth Caroline Akoth
Nairobi Co-director
Othman Al-Zahrani Othman Al-Zahrani
Dhahran Chapter Director
Amar Alameer Amar Alameer
Dammam Chapter Director
Jonas Almeling Jonas Almeling
Chapter Director
Salah Amleh Salah Amleh
Bethlehem Chapter Director
Derek Andersen Derek Andersen
Founder and CEO of Startup Grind
Filipe Aoki Filipe Aoki
Sao Paulo Co-Director
Diego Arimany Diego Arimany
Guatemala City Chapter Director
Adam Arredondo Adam Arredondo
Kansas City Chapter Director
Micah Asistores Micah Asistores
Manila Chapter Director
Elio Assuncao Elio Assuncao
Cardiff Chapter Director
Arzish Azam Arzish Azam
Islamabad Chapter Director
Amit Bajracharya Amit Bajracharya
Kathmandu Chapter Director
Aneida Bajraktari Bicja Aneida Bajraktari Bicja
Tirana Co-Director
Aurora Barrero Aurora Barrero
Asturias Chapter Director
Mark Bavisotto Mark Bavisotto
Triangle Chapter Director
Cynthia Bavo Cynthia Bavo
Dar es Salaam Chapter Director
Uranik Begu Uranik Begu
Pristina Chapter Director
Stacy Belinsky Stacy Belinsky
Kalamazoo Chapter Director
Jamie Benizri Jamie Benizri
Montreal Chapter Director
Patrick Bentley Patrick Bentley
Savannah Chapter Director
Roger Berdayes Roger Berdayes
Madrid Co-Director
Jeremy Berman Jeremy Berman
Charleston Chapter Director
Andrea Roberto Bifulco Andrea Roberto Bifulco
Milano Co-Director
Pete Biggam Pete Biggam
Monterey Bay Co-Director
Francesco Bisardi Francesco Bisardi
Rende-Cosenza Chapter Director
Lee Blaylock Lee Blaylock
Dallas Chapter Director
Victoria Blechman Victoria Blechman
Düsseldorf Chapter Director
John Boitnott John Boitnott
Gerti Boshnjaku Gerti Boshnjaku
Tirana Chapter Director
Abdellah Bourti Abdellah Bourti
Agadir Chapter Director
Jeff Brokaw Jeff Brokaw
Charlotte Chapter Director
David Butler David Butler
Zurich Chapter Director
Chase Cao Chase Cao
Guiyang Chapter Director
Carlos Cardenas Carlos Cardenas
Boston Chapter Director
Robert Carroll Robert Carroll
Jordan Chapter Director
Pablo Castro Pablo Castro
Quito Chapter Director
Michael Cayley Michael Cayley
Toronto Chapter Director
Judy Chang Judy Chang
Marketing Manager
Alin Chiriac Alin Chiriac
Bucharest chapter Director
Ndjamena Chapter Director
Brandon Christopher Brandon Christopher
San Diego Chapter Director
Timothy Chuma Timothy Chuma
Zurich Switzerland Chapter Director
Danton Coelho Danton Coelho
Rio Brazil Chapter Director
Emily Cooper Emily Cooper
Cincinnati Community Manager
Jason Cross Jason Cross
Adelaide Chapter Co-Director
Carlos Cruz Carlos Cruz
Barcelona Co-Director
Francisco Cruz Francisco Cruz
Startup Grind Global Community Director
Peter Crysdale Peter Crysdale
New York City Chapter Director
Vera Margarida Cunha Vera Margarida Cunha
Coimbra Co-director
Jason Dainter Jason Dainter
Uppsala Chapter Director
Rodrigo de Alvarenga Rodrigo de Alvarenga
Brazil Regional Manager
Thais Mariah De Lima Thais Mariah De Lima
Blumenau Co-director
Laís de Oliveira Laís de Oliveira
KL Chapter Director
Guillaume De Smedt Guillaume De Smedt
Regional Director
Louise De Smedt Louise De Smedt
Cape Town Co-Director
Kateryna Dehtyar Kateryna Dehtyar
Kiev Chapter Director
Tom Denison Tom Denison
Chicago Chapter Director
Ahmad Fahim Didar Ahmad Fahim Didar
Chapter Director Kabul
Hannah Dockery Hannah Dockery
Assistant Director
Mark Donne Mark Donne
Stamford Chapter Director
Colin Donohue Colin Donohue
Tbilisi Chapter Director
Daniel Drolet Daniel Drolet
Charleston Chapter Director
Jeff Ehlers Jeff Ehlers
Boise Chapter Director
Elijah Elkins Elijah Elkins
Asheville Director
Ahmed Elmurtada Ahmed Elmurtada
Khartoum Co-Director
María Encinar María Encinar
Asturias Co-Director
Matthew Espinoza Matthew Espinoza
San Antonio Chapter Director
Chelsea Evans Chelsea Evans
Cape Town Co-Director
Joe Famalette Joe Famalette
Los Angeles Chapter Director
Joel Fernandes Joel Fernandes
Startup Grind CTO
Alexei Finski Alexei Finski
Minsk Chapter Director
Sabine Flechet Sabine Flechet
Munich Chapter Director
Francisco Fonseca Francisco Fonseca
Coimbra Chapter Director
Rich Foreman Rich Foreman
Sacramento Chapter Director
Scott Fox Scott Fox
Startup Grind Orange County Director
Ryan Frederick Ryan Frederick
Columbus Chapter Director
Tendai Garandi Tendai Garandi
Pretoria Chapter Director
Diego Garcia Cacho Diego Garcia Cacho
Mexico City Chapter Director
Michael Gasiorek Michael Gasiorek
Editor in Chief
Sergey Gavrilko Sergey Gavrilko
Belarus Chapter Co-Director
Marian Gazdik Marian Gazdik
London Chapter Director
Valentina Girard Valentina Girard
Startup Grind Almaty Director
Steve Glange Steve Glange
Luxembourg Chapter Director
Dietmar Gombotz Dietmar Gombotz
Vienna Chapter Director
Mike Grabham Mike Grabham
Seattle Chapter Director
Sean Greenhalgh Sean Greenhalgh
Sydney Chapter Co-Director
Maroje Guertl Maroje Guertl
Berlin Chapter Director
Baird Hall Baird Hall
Marketing Manager
Thomas Hall Thomas Hall
Startup Grind Pembroke Director
Julia Harte Julia Harte
Aberdeen Chapter Director
Farouq Hassan Farouq Hassan
Cairo Chapter Director
Said Hassan Said Hassan
Events Manager
Johannis Hatt Johannis Hatt
Berlin Co-Director
Melonee Hawkins Melonee Hawkins
Todd Henderson Todd Henderson
Cincinnati Chapter Director
Drew Hendricks Drew Hendricks
Greg Hudson Greg Hudson
Madison Chapter Director
Jason Ibarra Jason Ibarra
Miami Chapter Director
Shourav Islam Shourav Islam
Startup Grind Dhaka Director
Marwan W. Jamal Marwan W. Jamal
Jeddah Chapter Director
Augustin Jarak Augustin Jarak
Zagreb Chapter Director
Lesley Jennings Lesley Jennings
Bloemfontein Chapter Director
Chance Jiang Chance Jiang
Guangzhou Chapter Co-Director
Chris Joannou Chris Joannou
Melbourne Chapter Director
Cliff Kabele Cliff Kabele
Abuja Director
Georgi Kamoyan Georgi Kamoyan
Yerevan Chapter Director
Sharn Kandola Sharn Kandola
Toronto Chapter Director
Harshvardhan Kariwala Harshvardhan Kariwala
Kolkata Chapter Director
Eugen Kaufman Eugen Kaufman
Minsk Co-Director
Loring Kaveney Loring Kaveney
Minneapolis Chapter Director
Nikita Kazakevics Nikita Kazakevics
Riga Chapter Director
Christina Kehoe Christina Kehoe
Phoenix Chapter Director
Zohaib Khan Zohaib Khan
Lahore Chapter Director
Ahmed Khanji Ahmed Khanji
Khartoum Chapter Director
Leo Khin Leo Khin
Baltimore Chapter Director
Mike Kim Mike Kim
Startup Grind Seoul Co-Director
Fabian Knopf Fabian Knopf
Shenzhen Chapter Co-Director
Kristijan Kocic Kristijan Kocic
Belgrade Co-Director
Komi-Kpandja Nusianunyo KONDI Komi-Kpandja Nusianunyo KONDI
Lome Chapter Director
Stefan Koritar Stefan Koritar
Cluj Napoca Chapter Director
Narine Kotikyan Narine Kotikyan
Yerevan Co-director
Karlie Krieger Karlie Krieger
Director of Global Events & Partnerships
David Kynan David Kynan
Montreal Co-Director
Yannick Labonne Yannick Labonne
Mauritius Chapter Director
Kim Lane Kim Lane
Little Rock Chapter Director
Pablo Lascurain Pablo Lascurain
LATAM Regional Director
Kenny Lazo Kenny Lazo
Lima Chapter Co-Director
Peter Lazou Peter Lazou
Nicosia Chapter Director
Son Le Thanh Son Le Thanh
Singapore Chapter Director
Doug Leonard Doug Leonard
Lehi Chapter Director
Guillaume Lerouge Guillaume Lerouge
Paris Chapter Director
Yan Li Yan Li
Beijing Chapter Co-Director
Oleg Lights Oleg Lights
Halifax Chapter Director
Patrick Linton Patrick Linton
Singapore Chapter Director
Dimitris Litsikakis Dimitris Litsikakis
Startup Grind Athens Director
Rui Ma Rui Ma
Beijing Chapter Director
Cheryl Mack Cheryl Mack
Sydney Chapter Director
Anthony Maher Anthony Maher
Philadelphia Chapter Co-Director
Igor Maia Igor Maia
Fortaleza Brazil Chapter Director
Olesya Malevanaya Olesya Malevanaya
Dnepropetrovsk Chapter Director
Peter Marsh Peter Marsh
Chapter Director Winston-Salem
Stephanie Martinez Stephanie Martinez
Lima Chapter Director
Dustin Masancay Dustin Masancay
Manila Chapter Director
Shahar Matorin Shahar Matorin
Tel Aviv Chapter Director
Denise Matthews Denise Matthews
Gibraltar Chapter Director
Sergiu Maznic Sergiu Maznic
Oslo Chapter Director
Athule Mbena Athule Mbena
Johannesburg Chapter Director
Mike McKearin Mike McKearin
Asheville Co-Director
Murray McKercher Murray McKercher
Toronto Chapter Co-Director
Rob McMillen Rob McMillen
Lima Chapter Director
Shelton Mercer Shelton Mercer
Philadelphia Chapter Co-Director
Francisco Milán Francisco Milán
Brussels Chapter Director
Felipe Millan Felipe Millan
Tallinn Chapter Director
Rita Mittal Rita Mittal
Miami Operations Director
Kendrick Mobley Kendrick Mobley
Valdosta Chapter DIrector
Sanjay Mohan Sanjay Mohan
Milwaukee Chapter Director
Neda Morrar Neda Morrar
Ramallah Chapter Director
Roberto Mossetto Roberto Mossetto
Turin Chapter Director
Phin Mpofu Phin Mpofu
Edinburgh Chapter Director
John Mueller John Mueller
Frezno Chapter Director
Adam Muniz Adam Muniz
Startup Grind Connecticut Director
Nikhil Narayan Nikhil Narayan
Delhi NCR Co-Director
Morteza Nasiri Morteza Nasiri
Ardabil Chapter Director
Nima Nasr Nima Nasr
Isfahan Chapter Director
Bert Navarrete Bert Navarrete
Princeton Co-Director
Snehasish Nayak Snehasish Nayak
Bhubaneswar Chapter Director
Ryan Naylor Ryan Naylor
Asheville Co-Director
Jane Ndibarekera Jane Ndibarekera
Kampala Chapter Director
Joshua Ness Joshua Ness
Keith NG Keith NG
Kong Kong Chapter Director
Minh Tuan Nguyen Minh Tuan Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh City Chapter Director
Tracey Norkjaer Tracey Norkjaer
Events Manager
Clobbe Norman Clobbe Norman
Gothenburg Chapter Director
Christine Souffrant Ntim Christine Souffrant Ntim
Dubai Chapter Director
Francis Obirikorang Francis Obirikorang
Kumasi Chapter Director
Julio Oliveira Julio Oliveira
Startup Grind Joao Pessoa Chapter Director
Inne Ongkodjojo Inne Ongkodjojo
Sam Osborn Sam Osborn
Los Angeles Chapter Director
Anthony Palizzi Anthony Palizzi
Denver Chapter Director
Nora Palladino Nora Palladino
Buenos Aires Chapter Director
Brian Park Brian Park
Washington DC Chapter Director
Kimberly Patrick Kimberly Patrick
Austin Chapter Director
Chris Peluso Chris Peluso
Cologne Chapter Co-Director
Luis Penascoza Luis Penascoza
Marketing Manager
Samir Pereira Samir Pereira
Praia Chapter Director
E. Patrice Perkins E. Patrice Perkins
Albany Chapter Director
Alessandro Petrich Alessandro Petrich
Italy Chapter Director
Paulo Prenafeta Paulo Prenafeta
Santiago Chapter Co-Director
Michele Price Michele Price
Houston Chapter Director
Shyam Pyarauk Shyam Pyarauk
Tokyo Co-Director
Joy Randels Joy Randels
Tampa Bay Chapter Director
Daniel Reilly Daniel Reilly
Glasgow Co-Director
Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Barcelona Chapter Director
Camilo  Rodriguez Mora Camilo Rodriguez Mora
Cartagena Chapter Director
Jay Rooke Jay Rooke
Sonoma Chapter Director
Claus Rosenberg Gotthard Claus Rosenberg Gotthard
Madrid Chapter Director
Carolina Rossi Pantoja Carolina Rossi Pantoja
Chile Chapter Director
Anamarie Sabbagh Anamarie Sabbagh
Detroit Chapter Director
Milad Saberi Milad Saberi
Tehran Chapter Director
Thierno Sakho Thierno Sakho
Dakar Chapter Director
Fawaad Saleem Fawaad Saleem
Karachi Chapter Director
Ankit Saxena Ankit Saxena
Gurgaon Chapter Director
David Scanlon David Scanlon
Dublin Chapter Director
George Schildge George Schildge
Burlington Chapter Director
Vincenzo Scognamiglio Vincenzo Scognamiglio
Naples Co-director
Sriram Sekhar Sriram Sekhar
Chennai Startup Grind Chapter Director
Bay Shaffer Bay Shaffer
Birmingham Chapter DIrector
Hassan Shahid Hassan Shahid
Startup Grind Sialkot Director
Shilpi Sharma Shilpi Sharma
Fremont Chapter Director
Sourav Sharma Sourav Sharma
Costa Rica Chapter Director
Umair Sheikh Umair Sheikh
Lahore Chapter Co-Director
Olena Shevchenko Olena Shevchenko
Lviv Chapter Director
Kyle Shields Kyle Shields
Utah Chapter Director
Christie Simmons Christie Simmons
National Director, Americas
Emmanuel Simon Emmanuel Simon
Windhoek Chapter Director
Peter Sinkevich Peter Sinkevich
Greenwich Chapter Director
Jan Smejkal Jan Smejkal
Shenzhen Co-Director
Paul Soko Paul Soko
Harare Chapter Director
Cássio Sperry Cássio Sperry
Blumenau Chapter Director
John Starr John Starr
North Bay Chapter Director
David Stengle David Stengle
Princeton Co-Director
Breanna Stott Breanna Stott
Santa Barbara Chapter Director
Mia Sun Mia Sun
Shanghai Chapter Co-Director
Gabriel Szuma Gabriel Szuma
Startup Grind Prague Director
Leon Tatlock Leon Tatlock
Bournemouth Chapter Director
Rinchy Teng Rinchy Teng
Guangzhou Co-Director
Lisa Thomson Lisa Thomson
Edinburgh Chapter Co-Director
Pawel Tomczuk Pawel Tomczuk
London Co-Director
Gonzalo Torres Gonzalo Torres
Madrid Chapter Director
Vi Tran Vi Tran
Startup Grind Team Hustler
Uwem Uwemakpan Uwem Uwemakpan
Lagos Chapter Director
Carel van Apeldoorn Carel van Apeldoorn
Guangzhou Chapter Director
Jenny Vandyke Jenny Vandyke
Startup Grind Adelaide Co-Director
Costanza Vannutelli Costanza Vannutelli
Madrid Co-Director
Andrea Varriale Andrea Varriale
Napoli Chapter Director
Erik Walenza-Slabe Erik Walenza-Slabe
Shanghai Chapter Director
Robert Warren Robert Warren
Winnipeg Chapter Director
Jacob Wayman Jacob Wayman
Startup Grind Wichita Director
Edward Wen Edward Wen
Startup Grind Taipei Director
Steven Werley Steven Werley
Lehigh Valley Chapter Director
Aaron B. Wheeler Aaron B. Wheeler
Pasadena Chapter Director
Jelte Ansgar Wingender Jelte Ansgar Wingender
Startup Grind Beijing Chapter Director
Silke Wolf Silke Wolf
Zurich Co-director
Yan Yan Yan Yan
Shenzhen Co-Director
Ram Yonish Ram Yonish
Co-Director StartUp Grind TLV
Frans Yuwono Frans Yuwono
Startup Grind Jakarta Chapter Director
Vladimir Zatolokin Vladimir Zatolokin
Startup Grind Almaty Co-Director
Geng Zhang Geng Zhang
Shenzhen Chapter Director
Efstathios Zikos Efstathios Zikos
Brussels Co-director
Fedja Zulfic Fedja Zulfic
Startup Grind Adelaide Director

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