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Welcome to the Startup Grind Barcelona page! We're one of the leading chapters in Europe and in the world, having been selected Chapter of the Year in 2016, with an average attendance of 130+ attendees per event since April 2014. We're never gonna die. All our events are conducted in English unless explicitly advertised otherwise, and we don't offer refunds. Join our community on Slack at - we're over 2000 entrepreneurs & startups!

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Past Events

Mental health and work-related mental issues, with Javier Suárez & Sancar Sahin (Co-founders @ Oliva)

Luis Martín Cabiedes (Cabiedes & Partners SCR)

Reshaping the Real Estate Industry, with Carlos Pierre (CEO & Founder @ Badi)

Future of the business travel sector, with Avi Meir (CEO & Co-Founder @ TravelPerk)

Brad Feld, Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and Co-Founder of Techstars

How to transition from senior developer to CTO, with Rob De Feo (AWS)

#SGWomen Event with Daniela Goicoechea (Founder @ Goiko Grill & Brandcrops)

Leadership & strategy to navigate the international market, Malin Holmberg (Partner @ Target Global)

Travel industry's transformation, with Scott Eddy (Founder & Director @ Mr Scott Eddy)

Cómo levantar capital, con Antonio Giménez de Córdoba (Partner @ Seaya Ventures)

La nueva normalidad: credenciales verificables sobre el COVID y quién controlará tus datos, con Santi Casas (CEO @ Validated ID)

How to raise investment from international investors, with Adam Lasri (Senior Associate @ Atomico)

4 libros para pasar la crisis: Mar Galtés, Ferran Martínez, David Tomàs y Àlex Rodríguez

Stepping down as the CEO of your company, with David Okuniev (Co-founder & Head of R&D @ Typeform)

Cómo reubicar el departamento de Sales durante la crisis, con Nelson Bastos (Business Development Executive @ Yuki)

Cómo navegar en la crisis COVID-19, con Mariano Najles (CEO & Fundador @ Las Muns)

How to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, with Jordi Romero (CEO & Founder @ Factorial)

How to adjust your Marketing in times of COVID-19, with Adelina Peltea (VP of Growth @ Holded)

Subvenciones y medidas de apoyo a las startups en tiempos de COVID-19, con CMS

Cómo tener conversaciones difíciles (con inversores, clientes, equipo...) con Sílvia Baró

How to have difficult conversations with investors, with Jordi Miró (CTO @ The Hotels Network)

Cómo trabajar en remoto correctamente, con MarsBased

How to do remote the right way, with Sergio Gago

VC Night

Corporate Innovation Summit - SOLD OUT

Iñaki Arrola (Managing Partner @ K Fund)

Bernat Farrero (CEO & Founder @ Itnig)

Juan Zamora (CEO & Founder @ Signaturit)

Elisenda Bou (CTO & Co-founder @ Vilynx)

Chad West (CMO @ Revolut)

Startup Grind BCN Summer Party 2019

Carlos Pierre (CEO & Founder @ Badi)

Camino al exit(o): Official Book Presentation (in Spanish)

Why getting to product-market fit is no longer enough in 2019 and beyond, with Paul Campillo (Typeform)

Female Leaders Month with Lina Chong (Investment Director @ Target Global)

Startup Grind Tech Conference 2019

Startup Grind Tech Opening Night + Book Presentation

David Tomàs (CEO & Founder @ Cyberclick)

VC Night after Mobile World Congress

Javier Suárez (CPO & Co-Founder of TravelPerk)

Timo Buetefisch (CEO & Founder @ Cooltra)

Startup Grind Barcelona Conference 2018

Startup Grind BCN Conference presentation at elrow!

WTF is going on with Blockchain & Cryptos nowadays

Startup Grind BCN Summer Party!

Pau García Milà - Co-Founder of IdeaFoster

Erik Ault (SendGrid)

Female Leaders Month with Anna Gener - President & CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman BCN

Startup Grind Barcelona 4th Anniversary Party

Carlos Trenchs - Venture Capital in Spain

Startup Grind Barcelona Streams Global Conference

Ingrid Verschuren (SVP of Data Strategy @ Dow Jones)

Cecilia Tham (CEO at Makers of Barcelona)

Toby Oliver (CTO @ Typeform)

Angel García (Lanta Digital Ventures)

Startup Grind BCN - SF Summit

Carlos Blanco (Nuclio, Akamon, Conector, Encomenda, etc.)

Startup Grind BCN Summer Party

Justo Molinero (Grup TeleTaxi)

Carolina Brochado (Atomico)

Eva & Maria Martin (Tiendeo)

Startup Grind BCN 3rd Anniversary event with Scott Arpajian (CEO @ Softonic)

Dorion Carroll (Zynga)

Guillaume Princen (Stripe)

Jeroen Merchiers (AirBnB)

Startup Grind Barcelona streams Vinod Khosla

Vicenc Marti (Tangelo Games)

Vincent Rosso (Blablacar co-founder)

Pep Gómez (Numa, ex-Fever)

Luis Martín Cabiedes (Cabiedes & Partners SCR)

Kamran Elahian (Global Catalyst, 500Startups)

Carlota Pi Amoros (HolaLuz)

Carlos Catalán (AC Hotels)

Ventura Barba (Sónar Festival)

Mar Alarcón (SocialCar)

Iñaki Ecenarro (Founder of Trovit)

Pere Vallés (Scytl)

David González Castro (Red Arbor, Ex-Anuntis)

Jordi Miró (

Manel Sort (King)

Simon Lee (Incubio)

Ignasi Costas (Rousaud Costas Duran)

Ferran Martínez (Lánzame)

Oscar García-Pañella (Cookiebox)

Lluís Font (Kompyte, Captio)

Pablo Villalba (8fit)

Helena Torras (Abiquo, PaoCapital)

Miguel Vicente (Wallapop, Antai Venture Builder)

David Tomàs (Cyberclick)

Ana Maiques (Neuroelectrics)

Philippe Gelis (Kantox)

Jordi Priu (101 Startups)

Christian Rodríguez (ByHours)

Nacho González Barros (Mailtrack)

Marc Ros (, Conector)

Toni Mascaró (eMascaró)

Karen Prats (PopPlaces)

Marcos Alves (

Miquel Puig (Barcelona Soccer Academy)

Anna Closas (The Social Coin)

Marc Vicente (Rakuten)


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