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We are a tribe of makers, hackers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and ecosystem builders. We believe in putting immediate purpose behind academic talent, frontier technologies, emerging industries and proprietary deal flow. Startup Grind Berkeley takes a scholarly approach to entrepreneurship, local capacity building and civic engagement. Located in the heart of the Bay Area, next to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, Berkeley is a hotbed of connecting global talent with intellectual property. Our Goal: by connecting the best of Berkeley with a thriving global network, we will inspire radically different people to create valuable projects

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Past Events

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Virtual Entrepreneur Roundtable & AMA with Eric Ly (Co-Founder of Linkedin)

The importance of TechPlomacy in 2020

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Startup Grind Berkeley Holiday Party

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Partnerships for our Forests: The "Amazon Accelerator" Approach

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From Entrepreneur to VC to Diplomacy

City as a Startup


  • Kar Dhillon

    Kar Dhillon

    6x7 Networks

    Berkeley Chapter Director

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  • Luke Kim

    Luke Kim

    Frontier Tech | Emerging Markets | Public-Private-Partnerships

    Berkeley Co-Director

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  • Kirit Thadaka

    Kirit Thadaka

    SG Berkeley Team

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  • Justin Wong

    Justin Wong

    Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

    Operations Assistant

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  • Francesco Bisardi

    Francesco Bisardi

    TechCrunch | Nonfiction Design | ViteLabs

    SG Berkeley Team

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  • Bryan Pham

    Bryan Pham

    Crushing it in Real Estate Founder

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Connor Haines

    Connor Haines

    Media Director

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