2012's Almost Over And Still No Startup?

Nothing denotes another year coming to a close like Thanksgiving. It's waning productivity from here on out folks. The worst part is that another year has gone by and you still haven't gotten your big idea off the ground. Now is the time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, so that next Thanksgiving when you go around the table you can say, "I'm grateful for my startup."

If you have never attended a Startup Grind event before, now is the time--as in, don't wait until 2013, go to an event in December! We educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs across 35 cities in 15 different countries. Initially I went to Startup Grind for the Fireside Chat--to hear the stories of success and failure from the featured guests--but quickly realized that in doing so I was just scratching the surface.

I learned a valuable lesson at the first event I went to up in Palo Alto when, after the Fireside Chat, Derek announced that if anyone did not exchange business cards or introduced themselves to somebody new then they missed the whole point and could consider their night a failure. I was grateful for the rebuke since I was so quiet during the pizza and networking before the Fireside Chat. After the Chat I spent the remainder of the evening breaking out of my shell, and in turn I met some really amazing, ambitious people. The following day I printed up some business cards so I would be ready at the next event.

Startup Grind is a perfect launchpad for your startup and I want to recommend it to all of you who have been mulling over different business ideas this past year and want to get something started in 2013. Come get fired up by our guest speakers, get feedback on your idea from fellow Grinders, and who knows, you might even find a talented individual that's a perfect fit for your team (since we have developers, designers, writers, engineers, accountants, attorneys and more in our midst).

So, if you're in the San Diego area on Wednesday, Dec. 5th we would love to see you at our event at 6:00PM. We will be hosting Rory Moore, the CEO of 3 of our city's hottest incubators. Take advantage of our holiday special and reserve your ticket now for $5. For more information on the San Diego Chapter visit our Meetup page.