5 Holiday Vacations & Getaways for Entrepreneurs

Being a startup founder or entrepreneur, you realize that getting out of your comfort zone is essential to your personal growth. That can also contribute to the success of your company. Sitting in your basement or kitchen can get old. Stepping outside and talking to people can bring you new ideas that you didn’t have before. How about travelling somewhere with other entrepreneurs where you can work and relax whenever you want?

Here’s a list of five really cool travel companies that are focused on getting entrepreneurs away from their regular routines, and letting them experience trips focused on building their business and expanding their networks.


Are you a startup founder or solo entrepreneur in search of like-minded people to connect with and learn from? How cool would it be to connect with other entrepreneurs and founders in an exotic location like Thailand?

Refuga allows exactly this. Their entrepreneur themed getaways to various spots around the world are geared towards connecting entrepreneurs. These trips help guests build their companies, and personal networks at the same time. If you want to go to Thailand, it's your lucky day because they are currently looking to fill spots for a 2016 trip.

Web Work Travel

If you haven’t heard of Web Work Travel before, prepare to get excited. Their website is a great resource that teaches tips and tricks on how to operate your online business remotely from anywhere in the world.

In an era where most jobs nowadays can be done from anywhere, why haven’t more entrepreneurs considered jumping over to South America or Asia? I’m sure there's a few reasons why, but there definitely aren’t enough options. How about boarding a cruise ship in Spain, and cruising across the Atlantic to Brazil with a couple hundred other entrepreneurs?

I know I sure haven’t, but it sounds like a great time. This kind of trip just took place, believe it or not, under the name nomad cruise. This is just the kind of adventure you can expect from WWT.

The Surf Office11951714_1675562175998852_2565902979727118602_o.jpg

If you're in search of something a little more low-key with the ability to keep to yourself or meet a handful of cool global citizens, I suggest “The Surf Office”. It’s a co-working/co-living space that originated in Lisbon, Portugal with satellite locations in Gran Canaria, Spain and another in Santa Cruz, California.

You get the ability to work when you want, join in community activities, or hit the waves to surf when you wish. From reviews, it sounds like quite the place to experience, and I hope I get a chance to experience at least one of their locations.



Perhaps you want something a little more exotic and tropical. This cold weather has you screaming for a vacation, but also somewhere you can get some work done. How about checking out Cocovico which is an island off the coast of Panama.

It’s a 145 hectare remote island that let’s you check your emails, see monkeys in their natural habitat, and snorkel it's crystal clear Caribbean waters all in the same day. Sounds like paradise doesn't it? From these picture’s its look like it might just be paradise.

If you want to travel to the Caribbean this could be a great spot to check out and experience. I know now that I've come across it, I put it on the list of places that must be experienced. In other words called the bucket list.                                      


This has to be one of the coolest and craziest adventures I have come across. They fill up a catamaran with 20 entrepreneurs and travel around the sea combining work, life, and fun. The catamaran is sustainable generating solar and wind energy. This energy is where the entire ship gets its electricity.

Getting internet on the catamaran isn't hard either as they use the latest generation of tools to access the internet 24/7. I suggest checking out their website as they have a trip planned in 2016 to explore South east Asia. Just another reason for you to check out Thailand.

Now, Hit the Road -- or High Seas

After coming across all these great initiatives being done by super cool companies promoting entrepreneurial travel. It’s safe to say that 2016 is going to be a year of figuring out my business, expanding my network, and not confining myself to one location. The world really is our oyster and we as entrepreneurs need to get out there and experience it for ourselves.

Now that you know several great travel experiences available for entrepreneurs, which one do you want to visit in 2016?

Share your plans in the comments below!