5 Podcasts All Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

The most diligent entrepreneurs are the ones that are on a constant hunt for a new lead. They’re driven by new innovations and developments and persistently on the lookout for inspiration on their mission to change the world.

Podcasts, to an increasing extent, have proven to be an invaluable source of counsel and insight into new ideas and schools of thought. In recent years, they have emerged as the ultimate provider of motivation for startup owners and well-seasoned business entrepreneurs alike.

For the entrepreneur, whose driving force is success, here are 5 of the top podcasts to help get you there:

1. Startup

Hosted by the co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg, subscribers of the Startup podcast are brought along on a journey that explores the world of a startup. From brainstorming and networking to funding and marketing, “Startup” walks listeners through the step by step process of creating a startup.

Each season follows a new startup from their first phases of conception to their final execution with Blumberg detailing the various challenges being faced along the way. Expect to leave with a better understanding of how to achieve a work-life balance, pitch to investors, and address internal conflicts.

2. Built to Sell

As the podcast points out from outset, one of the biggest problems trapping entrepreneurs into their startup is the fact that they’ve built it to rely too heavily on themselves. When the time comes to sell, they’re unable to convince potential buyers that their company can stand on its own.

Enter, the podcast “Built to Sell”, the ultimate playbook for entrepreneurs looking to understand how to sell their business. John Warrillow, the creator of The Value Builder System, hosts the show and informs listeners of the core tenets of growing and selling a business.

3. The Chaos Cast

It’s difficult to resist becoming engrossed by a podcast that starts off its stories with lines like "The second time I was shot”. Jeff Boos hosts the podcast “The Chaos Cast” in which the stories coming from his 13 years of experience as a Navy SEAL are intertwined with his work as an entrepreneur and author.

In every episode, Boos imparts his knowledge of the business world and the requirements every entrepreneur needs to succeed in it. Each episode gives listeners a better understanding of how to be a more effective decision maker and business leader. For business owners looking to find out how to run a better operation, this one will hit all the marks.​

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker with a public reach of over 80 million. His podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show” has gained so much international attention that he’s been nicknamed the "Oprah of Audio” and featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers list. 

In his podcast, Ferriss talks with a dynamic group of business influencers to discuss the tactics and mindsets that got them to where they are. The casual format will keep everyone relaxed while still giving the audience business savvy drawn on by today’s biggest Silicon Valley players.

5. The Pitch

This popular podcast operates under similar circumstances of hit reality TV series Shark Tank. Each episode of “The Pitch” sees early stage startups pitch the concept behind their business to a panel of three investors who offer feedback into their venture and rank their buying potential.

From the show, entrepreneurs will gain a better understanding of how to craft their pitch and receive solid wisdom about developing a sound business model. The podcast nearly functions as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into what angel investors and venture capitalists expect from a startup. It’s one business and TV show lovers can’t afford to miss.