5 Ways to Get a Better ROI From Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is becoming a big part of content marketing. The best content marketing plan includes influencer outreach and long-term relationships with relevant influencers. With 73% of organizations employing content strategists, understanding how to get a better ROI through influencer marketing campaigns is crucial. Here is how to do it:

Find the right influencers

One of the big don’ts of influencer marketing is choosing the first person who will have you. Bringing in some minor celebrity to “make the news” will not benefit you in the long-term. You should define your ideal influencer in the same way you define your target audience.

Find out as much about your ideal influencer as you can. Talk to a range of influencers about what they can do for your company and what they have done in the past. Think about who your customers want to hear from.

Stats matter, of course, but you really need to figure out whether an influencer is right for you. Not being selective enough could hurt your ROI.

Use your metrics well

A lot of businesses still believe that social media marketing is not measurable. The same type of thinking applies to influencer marketing. This is not about raising awareness. It’s about making a connection with your target audience.

To begin using your metrics right, you need to start with the basics. Measuring Facebook and Twitter metrics is a great start because you can segregate data based on date, time, gender, age, location, and more. At the same time, you should monitor the various hashtags associated with your company.

Metrics allow you to drill down into the people interacting with you and isolate your preferred audience. The same applies to any influencers you are planning on working with.

Third-party tools are extremely effective at monitoring metrics. With the right tools, you can track influencer activity to understand exactly which audience they have access to.

Make sure you’re in it for the long haul

Too many people want an immediate return. Traditional marketing tends to cater to this because you have a short campaign and expect something to happen immediately. Influencer marketing can accomplish much more than traditional marketing, but the results will not be visible within a few days.

Influencer marketing is very much a long game. You have to build up relationships and garner trust with the right people before hoping to reap the rewards. The companies gaining the most from influencer marketing are also the ones who have been in this game the longest.

Offer influencers something of value

When you’re caught up with your marketing campaign, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that this is a two-way relationship. Your influencer should be getting something worthwhile out of it. They are not doing this because they are feeling charitable; they’re doing it because they want something out of it.

Money is the most obvious type of compensation you may opt for, but isn’t the only option. You can also provide influencers with products, services, promotions, commissions, and discounts. Remember: you’re building a relationship here so making your influencer feel like their efforts are worthwhile should be key.

Stick with the same people

You want to make sure you’re sticking with the same people at all times within the relationship. Influencer marketing hinges on personal likeability, so swapping authority figures halfway through the relationship can ruin everything. You have to make sure to stick with the same people to keep those relationships strong.

Designate one or two employees for each influencer. Never switch them out unless you absolutely have to. That will ensure you get the content campaign success you’re searching for.

Influencer marketing is a ‘must’ - no excuses

There’s absolutely no excuse to not include influencer outreach as part of your marketing campaign. The smartest companies foster trust between influencers and their brands. In the long-term, a well-run influencer marketing campaign enables you to reach a new audience, increase your visibility, and encourage more sales.

What do you think is the most important part of an influencer marketing campaign?