500 Startups Demo Day Live Blog....

So I'm going to try to do as much as I can but I apologize for missing a couple of companies.

Chalkable - The app store for your school. Khan Academy among many others, selling the content. Each student costs $10 to sign up. Raising $1.1MM, 30% is committed.

Tuckernuck - $60,000 in the first 8-weeks of business. Home, tots, pets, wedding, and lifestyle. Raising $750k. Competing with Urban Outfitter among others.

Wanderable - Helping couples crowdfund their honeymoons. 1000 coupons in the system, $2,500 average cost. New customers are costing $12, customer value is $125, in a $10B market. Simple, clean web pages where people can donate to the honeymooners fund. Expanding to showers, birthdays, and more. Two ex-Stanford roomates are the co-founders.

Bluefields - Sports Teams and Players - 20 MM team sports games this week. Tech and Sports show little overlap. Become the social network for sports. 3,000 teams in beta = 36,000 players. The market is Bilions. Have Gatorade, Puma, and others involved. Raising a seed round with $350k committed.

Toshl Finance - Making finance fun. Mint and other money managing software makers are US based. 200,000 users. Freemium business model, 87% retention of paying customers. Apps on all the major mobile platforms. Game mechanics to improve your financial habits. Raising $500,000.

Monogram - Shopping experience online doesn't mimic how people really shop. Shows a cool demo clicking on an image of a woman wearing a dress and when he clicks she turns around and the image turns into a video.  Raising $1MM, $700k already raised.

Reclip.it - Smarter way to discover the deals and coupons near you. 65MM families use coupons. Coupons and CouponMOM among the websites making millions. Deals on these sites aren't relevant. Every coupon is a visually appealing image. Looks like Pinterest for Coupons. 17k users in 3-months, 60% returning each week. Raising $750k.

Tie Society - Outsource your tie needs. Last month shipped 1500 packages around the country. Two former IBM guys who wore ties 260+ days a year. "We sell the look of success."Raising $500k, 20% committed. The brand for the professional male.

TeliportME - Panoramic, rich photos. Mobile World Congress rated it a TOP 20 app in Barcelona. 8x growth in the last 7-months. 500K users. Raising $600k, 50% committed.

Yogome - Mobile learning games for kids. Kids have 6-hrs of screen time everyday. Users "Join the Squad" and select an avatar. It's Angry Birds but with education. Top 10 app in US, China, and other countries. "Give kids the best learning experience." Analytics for parents and teachers. Raising $500k.

UmbaBox - A curated discovery service for handmade goods. Etsy is the largest market, but it's hard. Handmade market is a $30B industry. We currate 2-3 handmade items each month. $110k in 7-months, shipped 3,000 boxes with 7,000 items. 90% retention rate. 600 monthly subs paying $25-$30 each month. Raising $500k, $100k committed.

Teamly - People management made easy. People use Teamly all day. Integrates with Yammer. Makes people look good at work. Tripled in size in the last 5-months. Home Depot, Greenpeace, and other customers. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly objectives. Raised $100k, trying to get $500k.

Sqoot - Klout for small business. Helps big companies sell to smaller companies...i think. Companies get a 'tech savy' score. If you're active on all the social media platforms, have a website, and other inputs to analyze, then you'll get a good score. Raising $400k, $100k committed. The investor next to me (who will go nameless) says that it will sell for $40M in 2yrs. Time will tell.

PublikDemand - Take your big company complaints online. Not raising money right now. First company to say that.

2:15PM - Short break....back in a bit.

2:46PM - And I'm back....

Bombfell - Men hate shopping. We send $69 worth of clothes every month. Users tell us everything about them and our automated stylists. 1000 users paying $70 a month. "At NIckelodeon I learned how to sell things to little kids. Now I'm taking that knowledge and selling to adults. Raising $500k, $125k committed.

Happy Inspector - Users pay between $19-$250 each month. Customers - 350 businesses in Australia, $500k with 65% already raised.

Twitmusic - Song pages with Twitter engagement tools. Things like auto following in order to listen to a song. Brian Adams, Jason Mraz, 8,000 muisc artists, 30 million followers, Signups up 800%, 200,000 uniques each month up 100% since last month, 30% Twitter active. Raising $500k, $165k secured.

ActivityHero - All about kids activities. Planning activities is time consuming and frustrating. They help parents figure out which camps to send their kids to, and   Venders like PGA TourAcadamy, Tech Camps, YMCA. Generated $1.4MM in sumer camp sales for these venders. Raising $500k, already have $100k.

TokoOtakuMode - Currator that discovers best anime content in the world. 5.4MM Facebook fans. 99% is outside Japan. In the last month they had 820,000 new fans. 1.2MM page views last week alone. WOW. iOS app with access to all the content. $10B market. Ads and e-commerce.

Ingresse - Eventbrite for Brazil. I already like it. 2nd country in number of events. 25% internet growth rate. 85% can't find events online. 6-months in Brazil has made over $200k, raised $1.2MM. More than any company that has presented so far. Told you they'd be good.


Timbuktu - Finding new and exciting new kids content. Engaging kids and parents. Badges, free app, but with premium stories that are bubbles. "We are not a bubble. We make money with bubbles." Best design award at LAUNCH. 15 minutes per session per user. Raising $1MM, already raised $515k. Italian team.

TenderTree - Senior Care Marketplace. Founder opens with "Who here has parents?" Nice. $52B market. $20,000 in transactions in June. 2,000 users on a waiting list. Company takes 15% of transactions. They make $2,000 per customer per year.

Network - 400+ million address books. Replacing the address book. 100k downloads. 4.5 stars in 60-countries. Top 20 in US and a bunch of other companies. Smarter contacts. A new user every 7-minutes.

Glyder - Facebook Like button is changing how people do business. Companies need to post at least 5-times each week. Small businesses need a better way to create and share content online. Claims visual design improvements create 5x worth of engagement. Automated system to distribute content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. Raiding $1MM, already closed $550K.

Groupiter - Hulu, WB, Lego, and other customers. Built on top of Dropbox. Messaging about when new files are updated, and commenting/conversation on them. Raising $750k.

StoryPanda - Using IP from established brands like Toy Story and Pooh. Build and share stories to everyone in the family on all the different devices.

 Fontacto - Ringcentral for Latin America. Cloud based phone system. License from mexican FCC (worth $1MM). Latin America is the fastest growing online audience in the world. $10B in phone services. 600 million people in Latin America. 84% cheaper than a phone systems. $20 per user per month.

And that's it.....27 companies later and we're done. Well done everyone. #500strong