63 of the Best Marketing Tools for Startups

Startup marketing is an interesting mix of right brain left brain. For those unfamiliar, it is one of the rare jobs in the world where you have to strategically map out competitors, building your creative, analyze and understand data, talk to customers and probably build parts of your website.

Interestingly enough, this is really just what being in a startup is like.

For this post, though, we focus on the marketer and the tools to help them succeed at those various jobs. 

Having pooled various marketers, this is the list of the 63 top tools that many recommended. Some readers may be familiar with some of these tools and others may serve similar functions as some listed.

This list is to give a thorough introduction to some of the items you have may at your disposal as a startup marketer.

You will see the tools organized by use. Generating leads, strategy, automation etc.

Feel free to dive in. Enjoy!

For Lead Generation

  • Rapportive: Gmail plug-in that displays contact information via LinkedIn. Can also help to verify emails.
  • Conspire: Networking tool that helps to find mutual friends with people you want to meet.
  • Verify-Email: Insert and verify any email.
  • PluckHQ: Track keywords on twitter & gather contact information for leads list.
  • Clearbit.com: Enter basic information on a lead and get an entire user profile.
  • Mode Analytics: A SQL editor, Python notebook, and visualization builder, all rolled into one.
  • Grabby.io: Pulls email addresses from websites.
  • ScrapeBox: Link building tool and blog commenting
  • Audiense: Helps you identify influencers on social platforms
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A tool to investigate leads and find anyone on LinkedIn.
  • Fakers.statuspeople.com:    Audit Twitter followers to make sure partnerships are what they are.
  • Charlie App: Automatically receive a one page email detailing all recent information about your contact before a meeting.

For Strategy

  • KeywordTool.ioHelps you generate keywords based on actual search data.
  • Survey.io: Survey your customers for free.
  • WayBackMachineSee the old designs of any website.
  • UseFomo: Adds a social effect to your website to create Fomo for your audience.
  • AhrefsUnderstand traffic, back-links and keywords all in one place of any domain.
  • SEMRush: See the keywords competitors are ranking for and what words they are bidding on.
  • BuiltWith: Learn who uses what tools and where.

For Creative

  • HemingwayEditorCatches complex and big words to edit your writing and keep it simple.
  • LitmusTests what Gmail tab your email will end up in.
  • UnsplashStock photos
  • PexelsStock photos
  • PixabayStock photos
  • Startup StocksStartup Stock Photos
  • GoodEmailCopyThe best copy examples compiled from various startups.
  • PlusThisCountdown timers implanted into your email to add urgency.
  • InfusionSoftGreat 7 day email sequences.
  • SumoMe: Heat maps to pop ups to social sharing, SumoMe grows your mail list.
  • Unbounce: Build custom landing pages for any campaign, and use overlays to increase conversions.
  • OptInMonster: Create & A/B test beautiful lead capture forms without a developer.
  • HelloBar: Top and bottom bar pop-ups
  • Dont-goChanges your favicon & website titles upon exit-intent.
  • CanvaEasily create beautiful designs + documents.
  • HubSpot Signature Builder: A fun tool to create professional signatures

For Data & Analytics

  • HotJarTrack and understand all user behavior with visual data.
  • HeapAnalyticsEnhanced analytics in a simple platform.
  • AlexaUnderstand all competitor traffic.
  • LuckyOrange: A suite of tools for tracking & understanding analytics of visitors on your website.
  • SharedCount: Track shares, likes and social volume on pieces of content.

For Customer Support

  • IntercomMessaging products for sales, marketing & customer service to one platform.
  • WalkMeCreate simple tool-tips to walk someone through your website.
  • Qualaroo: Survey people in a simple way.
  • Typeform: Create amazingly simple surveys for your website.

For Distribution

  • MailchimpOnline email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results.
  • MixMax: Track, automate, and enhance your emails.
  • BananaTagsAdd email tracking, attachment tracking, email scheduling to your daily emails
  • Thunderclap: Crowdfunding but for social media. Plan a community instance for sharing.
  • Snip.ly: Add a personalized pop up to an external link you share online.

For Automation

  • Buffer: Schedule & share your content at the best possible times throughout the day.
  • UpWorkThe largest online workplace to hire contract workers.
  • Clickfunnel: Helps you build click funnels and workflows that optimize.
  • MassPlanner: Automate the outreach on your social platforms.
  • Hitleap:  Gather fake traffic to throw off competitor campaigns.
  • OhdontforgetSchedule & automate text messages for one cent.
  • Zapier: Moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on important work.
  • IFTTT: Create workflows and automation for daily items.
  • Instagress: Automates outreach on Instagram.
  • Postradamus: Manage, schedule & automate your social media.

For Organization

  • Trello: Organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.
  • SlackReal-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.
  • AsanaOnline tool to manage team projects and to-do lists.
  • Expensify: A tool to help enhance the speed to which your team completes expense reports.

Over to you

There are so many more tools out there. It is really hard to do it justice. However, if you use this list and others you can find yourself with every weapon you may need.

Just be conscious that sometimes more is less!

Which of your favorite tools would you add to this list?

Did you notice any new ones that might be worth trying?

I’d love to hear from you about the free tools you’ve found most helpful and how you’ve put them to good use. Feel free to add any thoughts at all in the comments below. I’m looking forward to chatting!