7 Effective Tips to Generate More Traffic for Your Portfolio Website

From the early days in school, you love colors and drawings. When you grew up and graduated from college, your passion for creativity grew and you opted to become a web designer. Few months into your new career, you started to question your decision of becoming a web designer. Why? Because you are not getting enough traffic to your portfolio, website and you are lost in a crowded web design jungle.

The same can happen to a web design company as well. Does all that seem familiar? If yes, then what is the solution? Is that what you are thinking? Yes, then you are at the right place because this article will solve your biggest problem by telling you seven effective tips to generate more traffic from your portfolio website.

1. Optimize Your Website

From optimizing your website content with targeted keywords to optimizing meta descriptions and title tags, there is more to website optimization than that. You can optimize images, videos and text so that your website ranks higher on search engines. When your website ranks higher on search engines, it attracts more visitors. More importantly, that traffic is relevant traffic that have a brighter chance of converting into paying customers.

Do not go overload your content with keywords and spread them around throughout your content to get a better chance to attract more traffic to your portfolio website. Your page load times also matters, as Google consider it as a ranking factor.

According to Muneeb, portfolio website expert at Branex - Web Design Company, "To ensure that your portfolio website loads quickly, you should minify code, minimize the HTTP requests or using a dedicated CDN. Getting rid of excess baggage from your website can also help in shaving few seconds off the page load times."

2. Promote Your Work on Different Channels

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your portfolio website, especially if you manage to build an audience or community. According to the Digital in 2018 report by HootSuite and We Are Social, there are four billion internet users in the world.

Among these four billion internet users, 3.19 billion are active on social media. With so many social media platforms out there, it is important to choose the right platform to display your web designs. If you do it the right way, you might not only be able to get more traffic to your portfolio website but also make your portfolio website go viral, which would help your cause.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

With so many designers and portfolio vying for attention, how can your web design portfolio get the attention it deserve? The best way to do that is to make your web design portfolio as unique as possible. Add your best work in your website design portfolio and add unique and creative projects that you have undertaken in the past.

Look at what others are doing and think about ideas on how you can distinguish your portfolio from others. The unique your website design portfolio, the more chance it has to grab the attention of users.

4. Open Up For Feedback

Harness the power of crowd generated content by opening up your web design portfolio for feedback. You could start by opening it up for feedback from fellow web designers and then take it from there to common people. Another advantage of making this move is that it highlights the loopholes in your design portfolio, which you can work on and fill in the future.

This makes your life easy as many web designers do not even know their shortcomings let alone improve upon them to build better business websites in the future. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to make connections that will help you in the end.

5. Follow the Guidelines

Did you follow the Google’s webmaster guidelines? No, right. These webmaster guidelines help you to avoid penalties from Google but also help you fare better on Google search index. Although, most of the guidelines might seem simple and easy to follow but if very few of them follows these guidelines, which is quite ironic.

Even if you cannot get your head around some of these guidelines, it is better to invest time, money and resources to get your portfolio website abide by all these guidelines instead of getting penalized or worst banned by Google.

6. Ask For Help

Most web designers struggle greatly with optimizing their website for search engines due to lack of SEO knowledge. Although, they should be aware of these things but if you are not, you could always ask for help from experts. With internet on your side, you can easily get the help you are looking for to get you out of hot waters.

Get in touch with some of the influencer in the niche and you will not believe it that most of them will be more willing to lend a helping hand. You can also hire a digital marketer and website optimization specialist for this purpose.

7. Be Present on Design Platforms

There are many design platforms on the internet and you should make sure that you are active on most of them. This helps you in the quest of getting your work in front of design audience and gain some authority and credibility for your work. Look at what others are doing and take inspiration from them. You never know you can get an idea about making future improvements to your web design portfolio.


Generating traffic is not easy whether it is to your website as a digital marketer or to your web design portfolio as a web designer. By following some of aforementioned tips, you can attract more people to come to your design portfolio website. This increases the exposure your work will get and increase the chance of converting your web design portfolio visitors into future clients.

Which is the best advice you have ever received to generate more traffic to your web design portfolio? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.