A ride with Kuaidi and Uber (Kuaidi CEO Dexter Lu and Uber global launcher Martin Li) (Uber coupon attached)


Dexter Lu (Kuaidi's CEO)



Martin Li (Uber global launcher)

Kuaidi, or "fast taxi", is the biggest taxi calling app in China (people get their taxis through it more than two hundred thousand times a day), and Uber is the startup super star (the company worth more than 3.4 billion now!) offering services that give you luxurious car rides with a reasonable pricing with their app, we are thrilled to announce that on 2014/1/19 2pm, Kuaidi's CEO Dexter Lu and Uber global launcher Martin Li is going to share with the community @ Start grind Shenzhen.

App Services for transportation has been growing very fast in recent years, Uber, a San Francisco-based-but-now-all-over-the-world company started this fire, from time to time people obviously enjoy getting affordable Audi or Benz rides with a driver diving you, but there is definitely more to be known about on how this company graduated from the famous incubator Ycombinator get to be the global leader in its market since 2009, Uber is serving 26 countries now, It's Martin Li's Job to spread their services to new cities, specifically speaking, Shanghai, Hongkong, and our lovely Shenzhen. Here's Uber's global launcher's very interesting job description FYI. https://www.uber.com/jobs/4791

Kuaidi on the other hand, fought their way out in the highly-competitive Chinese taxi calling industry with hundreds of millions RMB of advertising and promotions, while actively cooperating with giants like Baidu and Alibaba. They are covering more than 30 cities in China, 20% of the nations taxi drivers use Kuaidi to get orders. Their CEO Dexter doesn't often appear on media, hearing his story about his Silicon Valley experience and how to make a millions of users use your app in China is surely going be a rare and valuable thing.

So here we go, two of the best apps in its own category, native app VS global app, taxis calling VS luxurious care rental. Phone app, marketing, startup, transportation, applying internet with real-life business, entrepreneurship, capital, Audi, if you are passionate about any one of the tags in the list, you should be joining us at Beta Cafe on 19th, it will be worth it.




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