AngelList Now Wants to Disrupt Hiring Process at Startups

AngelList TalentWebsites for finding jobs at startups are nothing new. If you wanted to join the ranks of up-and-coming tech companies in the US you had just to go to Startup Hire, Startupers, Startuply, or Venture Loop to name a few. Now you have one more option and this newcomer may get the share of traffic for both startups looking to hire and eager talent wanting to work. Enter AngelList Talent.

According to the CNET article that broke the news earlier today, AngelList founder Naval Ravikant explained "We noticed that people were using AngelList profiles to vet people and companies as well, so we just launched [the portal] tonight."

What is great about the new portal is that the AngelList site already has some decent traffic and has become the go-to place to get funding. If you have a startup and you are not on AngelList either you don't need funding or you don't know it exists. Plus, the job listings have something you won't easily find anywhere else: how much equity you will get. Transparency is a winner with AngelList Talent.

Over 1,200 startups are currently listed in the job portal with some displaying many job opportunities. You can filter the results down to functional area (although they are somewhat limited) and by location of the startup (right now listed as only Silicon Valley, East Coast, and United States).

It is likely that the website that disrupted the startup funding process will now leave its mark on the hugely inefficient job hunting and hiring process, at least where startups are concerned. So what are you waiting for? Make sure your profile is up to date on AngelList!

[caption id="attachment_31137" align="aligncenter" width="603" caption="Job posting on AngelList Talent Portal show equity and salary ranges"]AngelList Jobs[/caption]