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Startup Grind
is launching into Public Beta today of Startup Grind Mentor, a new initiative focusing on engaging mentors with relevant domain expertise to help startups anywhere in the world. Startup Grind Mentor intends to connect thousands of startups to the right mentor at the right time via online and in-person mentorships.

Early stage startups can ask help from a mentor with specific domain expertise who have skillsets that are relevant within their industry.  As they mature through the process, their needs change and require different mentors with other specialties who know how to navigate through the trenches.  The platform will match early stage startups to early stage mentors appropriately and allow entrepreneurs to graduate to the next level and enable access to higher mentors.


Startup Grind Mentor's 3Ms
- Matches you with startups
- Manages the startups you advise
- Motivates your mentees



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The official launch of Startup Grind Mentor to the general public will come later next year, likely in the February timeframe. The public beta program is limited to the first 1,000 users to sign up on Startup Grind site.