Blast TV Looks to Redefine Social Television


As entrepreneurs we all know where the big money is; Television. We also know its the toughest nut to crack.  The pervasiveness of TV and the massive amount of ad revenue flowing through its channels make it an attractive industry to go after for tech heavyweights like Apple, Google and Facebook.  It is equally enticing for aggressive startups who have the audacity and guts to take on a medium that has remained difficult to navigate and re-engineer.  TV is the last screen (in the 3 screen world we live in) to undergo the drastic changes that have been ushered in on personal computing and mobile devices.

Blast TV is a startup that is redefining the connection between social television and local audience. Steve van Zutphen, founder and CEO of Blast TV sat down with us in Cyprus to discus the future of television, how it intersects with social media, and how the Blast TV model, mobile app and the Core360 platform (that powers it all) gives local viewers, businesses and content creators more control of the television experience.

It was a fascinating conversation (set inside the fantastic Alpha Art Gallery)  from an entrepreneur who is working to reshape our local television and social media experience.