Counting the Cost of Startup Bootstrapping

Forget about unicorns and billion-dollar ideas for a moment.

Advantages of Using Automated Payroll For Startups

As a new business owner, there are many things competing for your attention and payroll is just one of the many pressing matters that will be biting on the back of your neck every single month for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it was only natural for the many entrepreneurs that have walked this path before you to realize that there was a better way, well at least they hoped there would be a better way.

7 Smart Ways To Spend Marketing Budget

When your company is just getting off the ground, you may find yourself in a somewhat tenuous position. You know you need to spend money to get customers, but you also don’t have a lot of money to spend. So what are seven smart ways for a startup to spend their marketing?

Battles That You Might Encounter At Your Small Startup: How To Win Them

Starting a business is an accomplishment in itself but there will still be battles to be won for the business to be successful. Problems are going to arise with some being small and insignificant then others being large issues.

5 Ways to Use Automation for Your E-Commerce Business

Growing your e-commerce business can be done in many ways. You can find new niche products, hire influencers to become brand ambassadors, or launch a new ad campaign.