500 Startups Batch 19 Demo Day

The theme for 500 Startups Batch 19 Demo Day was Valentine’s Day (although it technically took place on February 15) and accordingly Founder, Dave McClure, kicked it off dressed as the Queen of Hearts.  

"The market doesn't care about your vision" - Qasar Younis, COO of Y Combinator, On Entrepreneurship

Qasar Younis was interviewed at Startup Grind Sacramento and shared how he has climbed the entrepreneurial ladder. He is the CEO of Y Combinator (YC), an organization that provides seed funding for startups while linking them with potential investors and acquirers. Younis reached success through Talkbin that was originally backed by YC before being acquired by Google, ten months later. He then became Google's product lead for business-facing product and has assisted dozens of entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality via YC.

Highlights from 500 Startups' Batch 18 Demo Day

500 Startups held their Demo Day for Batch 18 at the Innovation Hanger near the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Batch 18 is made of 46 companies with themes in FinTech, Digital Health, Industrial Applications, Experimental Lifestyles, and Bots. Here are a few startups that I found interesting:

8 Crowd Favorites at 500 Startups Batch 17 Demo Day

It's an exciting week: 500 Startups just held their Demo Day for Batch 17 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Demo Day serves as the graduation for the Batch 17 class of 42 companies - and 500 Startups is infamous for throwing most festive sessions around. This year's theme: beauty & the geek, fitting with the theme of the batch - beauty & B2B.