History, Myths and a Comparison of Equity Crowdfunding

During my years as an angel investor, I came across different equity crowdfunding platforms. I have met founders who are apprehensive of using a platform to raise funds. They think it sends a signal of “negative select.” 

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

Creating a pitch deck can seem daunting at first, especially if you’ve never done it before. You probably googled, “how to build a pitch deck” or looked at examples from 2010. You probably attempted to stitch something together based on what you’ve learned on the internet and realized your story is fragmented. 

The Startup J Curve

In his book, the Startup J Curve, noted entrepreneur and angel investor, Howard Love, essentially states that there is no straight line from startup to sustainable success.  Rather, sustainable success follows a J Curve where the company initially dips after it starts.  The dip can occur for several reasons:

4 Things Investors Secretly Look For in Your Cap Table

One of the most important things a CEO does is allocate capital using a Capitalization Table, or Cap Table, which gives investors valuable information about who owns the business and what the founding team thinks about financing, ownership, and exit strategies.

How To Use Self-Interest To Get Your Damn Investor Updates Done

So you raised money for your startup? Good for you! When was the last time you sent your investors an update? I'll bet you a large Philz coffee that it's been more than 3 months.