3 Strategies To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

In case you’re out of the loop, more searches take place on mobile than on desktop. When last measured, the percentage clocked out at 60% of total search engine queries, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already been a significant increase in just the past few months.

These Three Digital Resources are Transforming the College Experience

The college experience today is vastly different than it was just a decade ago thanks to the onset of mobile phones. It’s true that a decade ago students did own mobile phones and many had Facebook pages, but these past ten years have seen a rapid overhaul in the way that we all live with technology.

How Long does It take to Build an App

Whenever you are planning to build an app, the first and foremost question that would come to your mind is the time it takes to build an app. You want to know as it helps you determine the product timeline and set up a plan for your product launch. The duration may vary based upon the scope of the project and the process you follow.

Buy it or Build it?


Calling All APPs - Build MVP Under $20K

Mobile apps are one of the most common products created by startups today. Many startups come up with an app idea that will require a big budget to develop.