7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Healthcare Marketers Must Avoid

Over time it has been proven that Facebook’s user base and the engagement rate is high as compared to other social media channels. According to recent statistical report, the social media giant has recorded 2.07 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2017.

Mobilizing the Masses: How to Take Advantage of China's Internet Boom

China has 240 million devices, which is 30 percent of the world’s mobile device market. There’s no doubt about the growth potential of this market, according to Dr. Jaime Gonzalo of Huawei Technologies.

Do You Need Freelancers or Co-founders for Technology Startups?

Imagine that you’ve got an idea for a promising digital startup. What’s the best way to bring your idea to life? Should you find a co-founder to help build your product and share in some of the entrepreneurial risk? Or, should you hire freelance employees to build your digital products?

3 Critical Website Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Not so long ago, Matthew Carpenter, a young Australian entrepreneur launched a truly wicked online business. For a small fee, anyone could have an envelope filled with glitter delivered to a person they would likely never want to speak to again

3 Strategies To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

In case you’re out of the loop, more searches take place on mobile than on desktop. When last measured, the percentage clocked out at 60% of total search engine queries, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already been a significant increase in just the past few months.